The center of Bogotá has experienced a resurgence in recent years, becoming an area of ​​great interest for those looking to invest in real estate. Especially, due to the number of tourists who arrive in the Colombian capital and visit this place. However, this preference is not an exclusive matter of foreigners. Often, it is also the busiest area for Bogotanos since it has a large part of the emblematic places of the city.

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This is due to the fact that the center of Bogotá has undergone a process of urban transformation thanks to its increasing appreciation and the implementation of public policies that seek to recover its historical and cultural heritage. As a result of this process, numerous housing projects have been developed that have revitalized the so-called «heart» of the city and have contributed to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.. One of them is Kairos, which offers a series of advantages for investors looking for a profitable opportunity in this area of ​​the capital.

Conandes, the construction company in charge of the real estate project, has affirmed that the center of Bogotá is an area with great potential to invest in properties and obtain a good return on investment in the long term. According to the company, this area is experiencing significant economic growth locally, making property investment especially attractive.

In addition, it ensures that the one and two-bedroom apartments have an approximate valuation of 12%, which makes them a profitable option for investors. In fact, this appreciation rate is higher than that of homes with a larger area.

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“We offer duplex apartments with a surface that varies from 35 m2 to 54 m2, whose value per square meter is $5,600,000. This residential project is delivered with all the units finished and has a characteristic of industrial architecture. The building has automation and a series of amenities, such as elevator, BBQ terrace, picnic area and coworking area. Additionally, this project is in the planning phase and, therefore, offers a term of 18 months for the payment of the initial fee, this being the only investment because it is delivered with finishes”, says the builder.

It is worth noting that current trends in the real estate sector are focused on the growing demand for spaces intended for teleworking, the implementation of technologies, and habitability conditions. That’s why «At Kairos, we focus on offering flexible spaces that feature study areas, modern architecture and finishes, automated buildings, and affordable spaces without compromising good lighting and comfort.”

They are spaces created based on the profile of the buyer who is looking for opportunities in the center of Bogotá. This is someone who values ​​comfort and efficiency by reducing their journeys and travel times between their daily tasks and their home. And who also appreciates tradition, culture and entertainment.

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Therefore, one of the main reasons to consider buying in the center of Bogotá is precisely its location and connection to the rest of the city. This area is located close to tourist places, business centers, universities and hospitals, which makes it a strategic place for both work and leisure activities. In addition, it has an excellent road infrastructure that allows quick access to different parts of the city, which makes mobility even easier.

In terms of profitability, investing in the center of Bogotá can be an excellent option. Well, this area has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, which has not only led to an increase in the demand for real estate but also to a trend of appreciation in the area, which means that investment in properties in the downtown Bogotá has long-term return potential.

However, it is worth noting that when investing in the center of Bogotá, it is important to take into account some recommendations to ensure a successful investment. First of all, it is important to review the access roads to the project in which you are interested, as well as to investigate the urban development plans in the area to make sure that there are no projects that could negatively affect the valuation of the important property to work on. with a trusted estate agent who is experienced in the local market and can provide expert advice on property selection and negotiation.