The Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, raised at a press conference the possibility of having a lower gasoline price, since Ecopetrol is a national producer.

«We are going to review the methodology because the current one means that the gallon of gasoline is valued at the international price, but we are producers and 50% is national that is mixed with the imported one. It does not make sense that 100% of the gasoline is spent an international price,» he said.

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In the same way, Irene Vélez raised the possibility of having up to three wrecks for fuel, extra, current and an additional one that would relieve the pocket of Colombians.

“What we would look for then are mechanisms to focus on the smallest, those who need it the most. At some point we discussed, for example, that motorcycles could have a special price,» said Vélez.

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On Vélez’s proposal, Finance Minister Ricardo Bonilla said that Ecopetrol cannot be forced to sell fuel at lower rates. In the middle of a dialogue with Blu Radio he pointed out.

“We cannot force Ecopetrol to lower prices. That is putting price controls on Ecopetrol and we are not going to get there. That is why I am incorporating Ecopetrol and the Fiscal Rule Commission into the technical roundtables”, he clarified.

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