in 2022 246,831 new housing units were sold throughout the national territory, according to figures from the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol).

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In order for buyers to make the right decisions, the real estate startup La Haus carried out a study to analyzer characteristics were the areas with the best performance in the main cities of the country and which points have the highest valuation.

To perform the analysis, the firm took into account four sources of information: increase in value per square meter in a defined time (valuation)speed with which the units (apartments or houses) were sold in a defined period of time (absorption), the sales generated in the area during a certain period and web searches.

The best areas of Bogotá to invest

In Bogotá, the town that obtained the highest real estate performance last year was Suba, which has become the second town with the largest number of homes built. However, the one that presented the greatest appreciation was the municipality of Mosquera.

The peripheral zones of the urban area of ​​the city have gained a lot of recognition due to the new labor dynamics such as teleworking and the opportunity to live in rural areas close to the city.

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In terms of projects sold, it stands out that the towns ofl West of Fontibón (1), Suba (2) and Kennedy (5) concentrated the largest number of sales with 45 percent of the total.

The Haus highlights that the western part of the capital has been favored by urban renewal plans carried out by the District Planning Secretariat. Several of the most industrialized sectors such as Montevideo have given way to new residential areas.

The best performing areas of Bogotá in 2022:

1. go up
2. Fontibon
3. Mosquera
4. Usaquén
5. Use me

The areas with the highest appreciation in Bogotá and surroundings in 2022:

1. Mosquera: 15.97%
2. Usme: 15.32%
3. Up: 15.06%
4. Usaquen: 13.28%
5. Fontibon: 13.08%

The best areas of Medellín to invest

Laureles Stadium ranked as the area with the best real estate performance in Medellín in 2022. According to the Haus, the projects in this area They are characterized by having modern concepts such as lofts or coliving.

Sabaneta, Itagüí and Envigado have also become one of the main investment areas. These are dormitory municipalities, that is to saywhere people rest but do not workwhich allows the acquisition of quality homes with different common areas, but at a lower cost.

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According to the study, Itagüí was the area with the highest increase in the value of the price per m2 in the last year.

The best performing areas of Medellín in 2022:

1. Laureles Stadium
2. Sabaneta
3. Itagui
4. Envigado
5. San Cristobal

The most valued areas in Medellín in 2022:

1. Itagui: 22.76%
2. San Cristobal: 21.72%
3. The Star: 18.27%
4. Envigado: 15.48%
5. Sabaneta: 14.93%

The best areas of the Caribbean to invest

Barranquilla is the Caribbean city that presented the best real estate performance in 2022 and also the one where prices will increase the most. Specifically, in the area of ​​the Main Square and Transmilenio Portal.

In addition to being the city with the best valuation, Barranquilla also reported the highest number of sales. However, when speaking of specific areas, Cartagena is the first and third with the most units sold, in Serena del Mar and Vía al Mar, respectively.

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The best performing areas in the Caribbean in 2022:

1. Galapa, Barranquilla
2. Mallorquin City Zone, Barranquilla
3. Pozos Colorados area, Santa Marta
4. Transport Terminal Zone, Cartagena
5. Ring Road, Barranquilla

The most valued areas in the Caribbean in 2022:

1. Main Square, Barranquilla: 28.92%
2. Transmetro Portal, Barranquilla: 25.47%
3. Transport Terminal, Cartagena: 22.86%
4. Pozos Colorados, Santa Marta: 22.72%
5. Majorcan City, Barranquilla: 22.46%