Another of Gustavo Petro’s key reforms, the pension, progressed in its construction process, with the presentation of the proposals of the unions and of Asofondos and Fasecolda before the subcommittee defined by the Ministry of Labor.

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The unions arrived with a list of 30 points, among which the strengthening of Colpensiones and the elimination of private funds stand out; an old-age income of one minimum wage for people over 65 years of age without the possibility of retiring, which is a position of the public administrator; and the increase in pensions equal to the minimum wage.

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In contrast, Asofondos and Fasecolda, entities that are part of the pension regime, reiterated their proposal that the reform must be sustainable over time and respond to the advance of the aging of the population, Not just of the present generation. In addition to having pillars of solidarity and savings.

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The world is getting old, savings must be strengthened, which must be managed not only by private entities, but also by Colpensiones. We already have a solidarity pillar, ‘Colombia Mayor’, but it only gives $80,000, and we have to cover at least the poverty line, but that must be financed with the budget, not with contributions from active workers”, Santiago Montenegro, president of Asofondos, pointed out in recent days.

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