One of Sandler’s three major projects coming to Netflix in 2023 is an adaptation of You are NOT invited to my Bat Mitzvah either! hailing from Happy Madison and Alloy Entertainment. This is what you need to know about the new comedy.

The film was in production for months and has been one of Netflix’s worst kept secrets, with the title appearing on production charts for months before the film’s official announcement in July 2022. In fact, several points of sale They have already informed about the adaptation that is in process.

sami cohen is on board to direct the movie. She is best known for her recent Hulu Original release. Smash, starring Rowan Blanchard and Auli’i Cravalho. Cohen is represented by UTA, 360 Management and attorneys Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum Morris & Klein.

sammi cohen director of netflix you are not invited to my bahmitzvah

Sammi Cohen – Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Alison Peck has written the film, best known for her work writing Netflix work it, released in 2020.

barry bernardi, judith mauland kevin grady serve as executive producers of Happy Madison. leslie morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz-Dutton they are producing for Alloy Entertainment.

What is the plot of You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah?

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Book Covers of You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah

As mentioned above, You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah is an adaptation of Fiona Rosenbloom’s 2007 book of the same name.

Here is the official story synopsis on which the film will be based:

“Stacy Friedman is preparing for one of the most important events of her young life: her bat mitzvah! All she wants is the perfect BCBG dress to wear, her friends of hers on her side of hers, and her biggest crush, Andy Goldfarb, to dance with (and maybe even make out with at the dance floor). But Stacy’s well-laid plans soon begin to unravel… her stressed-out mother forces her to buy a hideous sequined dress that makes her look like the Bride of Frankenstein. Her mitzvot are not going well. And then the worst thing in the world happens: making Stacy utter the words that will wreak havoc on her social life…Are SO not invited to my bat mitzvah!”

At the beginning of June 2022Backstage reported on one of the key roles for the new film then airing:

“Dante is a 12-14 year old boy. Dante is an exchange student from Italy with a slight Italian accent. He is Catholic, but is passionately interested in the Jewish faith and helping the community. Dante has happened to find himself in the popular crowd, but he doesn’t seem to care much about his status. He sends actors of any ethnicity who can portray the character described above…”

who is cast in You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah?

As a «Sandler spot,» you’ll see most of the Sandler family in the movie, including Adam Sandler himself and jackie sandler. Adam will play Danny Friedman, while Jackie will play the role of Gabi Rodriguez Katz.

Their daughters, sunny and sadie sandler they will also star, both who show up on netflix hubby halloween. They will play Stacy and Ronnie Friedman, respectively.

Sandler, as you may know, has a production deal with Netflix and has produced almost a dozen exclusive titles for Netflix. In 2023, we already saw the release of Murder Mystery 2 and later in the year, we will also see the release of

He also stars in the movie Luis Guzman, best known for Boogie Nights and Shameless. He will play Eli Katz.

adam sandler jackie sandler luiz guzman netflix cast you are not invited to my bah mitzvah

Pictured: Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler and Luis Guzmán – Photos by Getty Images and Monica Baddar

Rounding out the cast, here’s who else will appear on the cast (in the order they appear on the cast grid below):

  • Idina Menzel (uncut gems, Cinderella) as Bree Friedman
  • Sarah Sherman (Saturday night live) as Rabbi Rebecca
  • gone mosseri (Sandy Wexler, Do not mess with the Zohan) as DJ Schmuley
  • lorraine samantha (The Walking Dead: The World Beyond) as Lydia Rodriguez Katz
  • dylan hoffman (Next) as Andy Goldfarb
  • Dean Scott Vazquez (Transformers: Rise of Beasts) as Matthew
  • miya cech (you will always be my maybe) as Kym Chang Cohen
  • Jackie Hoffman (garden state, Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery) as Irene
  • ivory baker as Megan Levi
  • dylan dash (Adelina, The great)
  • Millie Thorpe (Ultraviolet & black scorpion) as Nikki
  • Zaara Kuttemperoor
  • make noise as Jerry Singer
you are not invited to my bat mitzvah netflix cast grid

Photo credits: John Russo, Nicole Mitchem, Artistic Endeavors, Samantha Chan

What is the production status of You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah?

Production for Netflix You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah started on June 29, 2022 and ended on August 11. Filming took place primarily in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, according to weekly production.

Numerous snapshots can be found online of people viewing the production in Ontario.

The Daily Mail also managed to snap a few photos from filming with Sandler reportedly keeping «dapper in a beige suit and a matching pair of trousers during his time on set.»

What is the Netflix release date? You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah?

Netflix has not announced an exact date for You’re not so invited to my Bat Mitzvah, and the movie, in particular, wasn’t among the early reveals on the 2023 slate.

That said, Netflix has since clarified that the The new comedy will stream on Netflix in the summer of 2023. We will keep you informed when we know more.

There may also be a sequel to the movie. In 2007, a follow-up book by Fiona Rosenbloom called We are SO crashing your Bar Mitzvah!.