After a dramatic start to the fourth season of You, fans will be hungry for the remaining five episodes. The wait for part 2 will not be long, since You will return to Netflix in March 2022. With a month to digest what just happened in part 1, we covered everything you need to know about season 4 part 2 of Youincluding the release date and what to expect.

You is a Netflix Original romantic crime drama series created by Greg Berlanti and based on the novels You and hidden bodies by author Caroline Kepnes.

Before its arrival on Netflix, the series was on Lifetime. However, once Netflix picked up the series as an original, the streaming service’s global reach helped boost the popularity of You into the stratosphere and has been one of the most popular crime dramas on Netflix ever since.

every season of You he sees Joe change locations. The deeply disturbed romantic serial killer has traveled from New York to Los Angeles, to Mother Linda, to Paris, France, and in season 4 to London, England.

When is You Is season 4 part 2 coming to Netflix?

Fans won’t have to wait long for the second half of Season 4.

Already announced in advance, You season 4 part 2 will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 9, 2022.

what to expect from You season 4 part 2

Will Joe have a happy ending with Kate?

The women Joe comes across tend to die, especially the ones he falls in love with or sleeps with.

Kate is probably the last person Joe would have expected to fall in love with. But, to keep her safe, he is actively trying to prevent the relationship from progressing any further. However, Kate is not one to say no to easily. Despite refusing her advances to take the relationship further, Joe eventually gives in to his feelings.

As far as happy endings go, Joe has hit on every woman he’s ever fallen in love with. Joe has murdered two of the four women he had previously been in love with.; Candace, Beck, Love and Marienne. Love murdered Candace to protect Joe. Marienne, terrified of Joe, rejected him and fled back to Paris.

It could be the fifth lucky time for Joe, or Kate will end up dead.

Will Rhys be Joe’s downfall?

Published authors, minor celebrities, heiresses, socialites, and many other prominent people have been killed directly or indirectly by Joe. And, when you consider the high profiles of people Joe has rubbed shoulders with, he definitely should have been killed or jailed by now.

Rhys unexpectedly saved Joe’s life after Roald gave chase. However, Rhys locked Joe and the unconscious Roald in a cellar below the mansion. Rhys is later revealed to be Joe’s stalker and the serial killer.

Joe has every intention of getting revenge on Rhy, but given Rhys’s wealth, connections, public image, and aspirations to become Mayor of London, Joe’s ambition to bring Rhys down may backfire and make his identity and their crimes are denied. revealed to the world.

Will Kate save Joe?

To Joe’s surprise, he found out that Kate is an heiress. Kate hates how her father made money from her. That is why she, at the age of 20, moved away from him.

If the relationship between Joe and Kate deepens, this may inadvertently save Joe in the near future. Love’s connections and money saved the couple after Love murdered Candace, Delilah, and her brother Forty. Kate’s family is richer than all of her friends. This means that if Kate wanted to protect Joe from harm, she could use her father’s power and influence.

Will Joe’s mercy come back to haunt him?

Joe has murdered a large number of people. But, despite his kill count, Joe remains adamant that he’s a good man. In fact, his determination to stand up for himself as a good person has led Joe to save several people’s lives.

So far, Joe has saved the lives of Paco, Ellie Alves, Will and Marienne.

Paco is too terrified of Joe to report what he has seen to the police. Will lives abroad and Joe is no longer a threat to him. However, Ellie Alves and Marienne could come back to haunt Joe.

Ellie reluctantly agreed to move to New York after Joe told her that her sister, Delilah, was not coming home. Joe sent her money periodically, but after faking her death it’s unclear what happened to her or if he continued to send her money. Joe hasn’t kept a low profile while he’s been hiding out in London. He get involved with a group of wealthy heirs who are constantly in the tabloids. After appearing at a few high-profile events, Joe’s image is bound to pop up somewhere. Ellie may not even know if Joe is dead or alive, but if she finds the photo of him, she could fly to London to find him, which would make Joe’s life ten times more complicated.

Finally, Marienne knows that Joe is alive, and to her surprise, he allowed her to live. However, this small act of mercy doesn’t mean she can’t come forward as a witness to Joe’s crimes and help the authorities capture him if the moment calls for it.

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