Nick Fuentes, the anti-Semite white nationalist The provocateur who dined with former President Donald Trump last year has been «removed» from the Conservative Political Action Conference grounds in Maryland, the president of the group organizing the event said Friday.

“We have withdrawn Nick Fuentes from his attempt to attend our conference. His hateful rhetoric and racist actions by him are not consistent with CPAC’s mission,» Matt Schlapp said in a statement posted on instagram.

“We are pleased that our conference welcomes a wide range of conservative perspectives from people of different backgrounds, but we are concerned about the increase in antisemitic rhetoric (or Jew-hatred) in our country and around the world, whether in the halls of power and academia or through the online rantings of fanatics like Fuentes,” Schlapp said.

Fuentes responded to the statement in a social media post. site telegramwhere he appeared to mock Schlapp’s legal troubles, saying, «Oh yeah, we all know CPAC is reserved for sexual groping.»

In January, Schlapp was sued for sexual misconduct by a Republican agent who claims Schlapp «patted» him. Schlapp’s lawyer called those accusations «false.»

Fuentes said in another post Thursday night that he had just been «kicked out of CPAC.» In another post from that time, he wrote, «America’s Most Canceled Man.»

Fuentes made headlines last November when Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, took him out to dinner with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Ye, who also has a history of making anti-Semitic remarks, said in a Twitter video the next day that «Trump is really impressed with Nick Fuentes.»

Trump has since said he did not know Fuentes or his background when they had dinner together.