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Netflix recently posted expiration notices for 2 Netflix Original Series acquired from DreamWorks. those series, Fast Turbo and Mr. Peabody and Sherman, currently expected to come out on April 2 and 21, respectively. These upcoming outings inspired us to search Netflix’s library for other DreamWorks series and try to discern when they might be leaving, too.

We discovered an almost bottomless pit of Netflix Originals based on DreamWorks IP. From 2016 to 2020, the two companies had a fruitful relationship, producing new episodes of spinoff series and sequels to their popular movies every quarter. The problem is that Netflix is ​​only a distributor of these series for a limited time. DreamWorks (and thus its parent Universal Studios) retained the rights to the series long-term. That means there will probably be a time when everyone leaves, resulting in a huge void in Netflix’s library of kids’ content.

In 2020, DreamWorks changed partners and Hulu became the benefactor from his endless list of animated series. When Netflix and DreamWorks first collaborated, Universal didn’t have its own streaming service. Following the release of Peacock in 2020, it was a matter of time before Comcast, the shared corporate parent of Peacock and DreamWorks, wanted access to the series representing their most popular movies. Of course, since 2020, Netflix has continued to work with DreamWorks Television on new shows like Kung Fu Panda and Gabby’s Dollhouse.

As we’ve covered before, Netflix Originals don’t always stay on Netflix forever, and in the case of all DreamWorks shows, they will eventually trickle down from the service as we’re about to see with Fast Turbo and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

mr peabody sherman expires netflix

The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show home page displaying the message «Last day to watch».

Let’s take the guesswork out and share the full list of DreamWorks series on Netflix and their estimated removal date.

Please note that Netflix does not publicly comment on Netflix Original removals beyond listing them on their «new Netflix lists.» This remains speculation and withdrawal dates are subject to contract and change. This list only applies to the United States of America and other regions may vary.

DreamWorks Netflix Shows

DreamWorks series concluded

QualificationFinal season add dateEstimated removal date
fast turbo (north Original)February 5, 2016April 2, 2023 (Confirmed)
Mr. Peabody and Sherman (north Original)April 21, 2017April 21, 2023 (Confirmed)
Vegetarian tales in the city (north Original)September 15, 2017September 15, 2023
All hail King Julien: Happy birthday to you! (north Original)September 14, 2017 (Short)December 1, 2023
The Adventures of Puss in Bootsnorth Original)January 26, 2018December 29, 2023
creepy storiesOctober 25, 2018January 1, 2024
Creepy Stories Volume 2April 24, 2020January 1, 2024
Happy Holidays – MadagascarOctober 2, 2020January 1, 2024
DreamWorks Christmas Classics January 8, 2019January 1, 2024
Kung Fu Panda: Amazing SecretsJuly 1, 2019January 1, 2024
Shrek Swamp StoriesFebruary 17, 2020January 1, 2024
How to Train Your Dragon: LegendsJanuary 20, 2020January 1, 2024
Dragons: Dawn of the Dragon RacersDecember 16, 2018January 1, 2024
Cat with Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale (north Original)June 20, 2017 (Interactive Special)January 26, 2024
Start: For the holidays (north Original)December 1, 2017 (Special)July 20, 2024
Start: Adventures with Tip and Oh (north Original)July 20, 2018July 20, 2024
Dinotrux: Supercharged (north Original)August 3, 2018August 3, 2024
Dinotrux: Happy birthday to you! (north Original)September 14, 2017October 26, 2024
Voltron: Legendary Defender (north Original)December 14, 2018December 14, 2024
Spirit Riding Free (north Original)April 5, 2019April 5, 2025
richie rich (north Original)May 22, 2015May 22, 2025
The epic tales of Captain Underpants (north Original)July 19, 2019July 19, 2025
Trolls: The Beat Goes On (north Original)November 22, 2019November 22, 2025
Hail King Julien: Exile (north Original)May 12, 2017December 1, 2025
Hail King Julien (north Original)December 1, 2017December 1, 2025
harvey girls forever (north Original)January 10, 2020January 10, 2026
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (north Original)May 15, 2020April 10, 2026
The Bottom 3: Tales of Arcadia (north Original)July 12, 2019August 7, 2026
Wizards: Tales of Arcadia (north Original)August 7, 2020August 7, 2026
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (north Original)May 25, 2018August 7, 2026
The Boss Baby: Get That Baby (north Original) September 1, 2020 (Interactive Special)November 17, 2026
The Boss Baby: Back in Business (north Original) November 17, 2020 November 17, 2026
Dragons: Rescue Riders (north Original)February 7, 2020November 24, 2026
Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon (north Original)March 27, 2020 (Special)November 24, 2026
Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday (north Original)November 24, 2020 (Special)November 24, 2026
Captain Underpants: Epic Choice O Rama (north Original)February 11, 2020 (Interactive Special)December 4, 2026
The creepy story of Captain Underpants (north Original)October 8, 2019December 4, 2026
The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: In Space (north Original)July 10, 2020December 4, 2026
Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas (north Original)December 4, 2020December 4, 2026
Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (north Original)September 4, 2020December 8, 2026
Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas (north Original)December 6, 2019 (Special)December 8, 2026
Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure (north Original)December 8, 2020 (Interactive Special)December 8, 2026
Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales (north Original)October 18, 2019December 8, 2026
Rhyme Time City (north Original)June 15, 2021June 15, 2027
Rhyme Time Town Singalongs (north Original)December 22, 2020 (Special)June 15, 2027
Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (north Original)December 17, 2021December 17, 2027
dinotrux (north Original)August 18, 2017January 1, 2028
Dawn of the Croods (north Original)July 8, 2017January 1, 2028
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (north Original)July 21, 2022July 2, 2028
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (north Original)November 15, 2022 (Interactive Special)November 15, 2028
Dragons: Race to the Edge (north Original)February 16, 2018January 1, 2029
The Boss in Diapers: Christmas Bonus (north Original)December 6, 2022 (Special)October 12, 2029

Dreamworks’ Ongoing Series Will Keep Coming To Netflix

The shows below are Dreamworks shows still coming to Netflix on a yearly basis. Therefore, we cannot yet predict when they will depart.

Gabbys Dollhouse Promotion

Gabby’s Dollhouse | DreamWorks/Netflix

QualificationStateEstimated removal date
Gabby’s Dollhouse (north Original)

Season 7 premiered on March 20, 2023

July 26, 2028

Zenko Go Team (north Original)

Season 2 premiered on August 8, 2022

August 8, 2028

Go, dog, go! (north Original)

Season 3 premiered on September 19, 2022

Season 4 premieres in 2023!

September 19, 2028

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (north Original)

Season 2 premiered on January 12, 2023

January 12, 2029

The Boss in Diapers: Back in the Crib (north Original)

Season 1 premiered on May 19, 2022

October 12, 2029

What DreamWorks series would you miss if it left Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.