is Colombiaa worker begins his stage of pre-pensioned in the 12 years prior to reaching your retirement ageoh sea, at 50 years in the case of men and at 45 years in the case of women.

At this age, It is necessary for the worker to receive advice from the pension fund to which he is affiliatedwhich will allow you to make decisions regarding what is most convenient for your life as a pensioner.

(‘This reform does not increase the number of pensioners’).

It is because of that María Lorena Botero, Manager of Pension Benefits at the Porvenir Pension and Severance FundIt is recommended to keep the following points in mind:

According to the expert, it is important that a worker who is in the pre-retirement stage verify and validate that the weeks they have quoted correspond to the time worked. It is key to do a review and make sure there are no inconsistencies in the work history.

(Pension reform would affect pension insurers).

If this is the case, the pension fund must be informed in a timely manner so that it can take the corresponding steps to complete the information. Having an up-to-date employment history is a very important step in order to receive the pension benefit.

The employment history is one of the most essential documents in pension matters, since it reflects in an organized and successive way the relation of the obligatory contributions made in the General Pension Systembased on the salaries obtained in each period, as well as the number of accumulated weeks.

Documents and information

The expert clarifies that each specific pension fund are the documents required to request the pension benefit.

(Pension funds, the largest financiers of the Government?).

In the case of Porvenir, it is recommended to have ready: Identity document of the future pensioner and his beneficiaries, civil registration of marriage, civil registration of births, among others.

Both the funds average premium (public) Like the ones of individual savings (private) have the duty to provide information and advice to their affiliateswhich will allow them to anticipate their pension process in a timely manner.

Filing of the application

As explained by the expert, people who have the possibility of retiring for old age in advance, the request can be made on the date that the affiliate considers.

(Mintrabajo explains how the early pension will work).

In the case of a person who requests the pension benefit for compliance with requirements, the process can begin one or six months before reaching pension age, that is, at 62 years for men and 57 years for women.