But Stephen Hadley, the man who was the architect of many of the national security policies that Iraq’s AUMF enabled, has something to say before Congress votes. Hadley was national security adviser to President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2009 and was Dick Cheney’s man at the Russia negotiating table during the George HW Bush administration. Now, he has just published a book called Delivery: the foreign policy that George W. Bush passed on to Barack Obama which chronicles 20 years of war and politics in the United States.

In this week’s episode of Playbook Deep Dive, Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza talks with former Bush adviser about what we stand to lose if Congress is careless in repealing the Iraq War AUMF, which Bush did right and wrong. in China, how Joe Biden’s foreign policy echoes Bush’s Freedom Agenda, and how President Biden can learn from Bush’s successes and failures in dealing with Vladimir Putin.