In the fascinating world of lotteries and games of chance, Baloto stands out as one of the most popular. Week after week, thousands of people cross their fingers and dream of the possibility of winning the millionaire prize.

Find out what happens to the Balloto money if someone wins, but for some reason, never claim the prize.

To claim the coveted reward there are different requirements consigned on the official page of the Baloto that must be followed.

However, on several occasions the winners do not claim the prize, it may be because of the procedures that must be carried out, because they did not find out or because they lost the paper that had the numbers that guaranteed the sum of money.

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To claim any of the prizes in the eight categories, it is essential that the ticket be in perfect condition.

How can you claim your prize?

To claim it, according to its website, if it corresponds to the winner of the first accumulated prize of Baloto or Rematch You must contact the Fiduciaria de Occidente with the Director of Business Management.

The prior appointment will be made for the payment of the prize and it will be done after telephone verification of some of the ticket information. In case of not collecting it within 365 days after playing, the draw cannot be requested for payment.

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Where do the resources go if you don’t claim it?

In accordance with article 12 of Law 1393 of 2010, which talks about the collection of prizes and destination of unclaimed prizes. In this it is stated that if it is not claimed within a year, «the right to collect the prize expires and is extinguished.»

Likewise, it explains that the claim of prizes for any game has a court term of one year from the presentation of the game document for payment, and this period is interrupted by filing a claim.

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If after the statute of limitations and judicial expiration, the prize has not yet been collected, the 75% of the resources that comprise it will be used to unify the benefit plans of the General System of Social Security in Health in the respective Departments and Districts, while the 25% remaining was plugged for the illegal gambling control.


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