A huge rock crashed into a home in Hawaii, nearly hitting a woman inside, and the entire incident was caught on video.

Footage from a home surveillance camera shows the moment the rock, about 5 feet in size, bursts through a wall into the house with a deafening «boom.» The boulder then rolls down a hallway, only inches in front of a woman standing inside.

It crashes further down into the house, smashing through the walls on its path of destruction.

The occupants of the home can be heard screaming in shock in the video footage. No one was injured in the incident, but the rock caused extensive damage to the house.

nbc affiliate Honolulu KHNL reported that the rock struck Sunday night in Palolo Valley.

A rock that crashed into a house in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Fire Department said the rock is about 5 feet tall and wide.
The rock is about 5 feet tall and wide, according to authorities.KHNL

The Sasaki family told the station that they moved into the house earlier this month and are seeking answers about the cause of the rock crash.

«I heard the loud bang and apparently the rock went right in front of me, which I didn’t know, I couldn’t see it,» Caroline Sasaki told the station. «All I heard was the boom.»

The family said insurance adjusters have yet to go to the home to assess the damage and, as of Monday, the rock remains at their residence.

It is not clear what caused the rock to roll down a hill behind the house, but the incident unfolded days later. heavy rains hit the area.

NBC News has reached out to the Honolulu Fire Department for comment.