Shakira and Pique They ended their relationship in mid-2022. Since then, the Barranquilla woman has composed several singles in which she talks about her breakup with the former soccer player. While he has been seen in public with his new partner Clara Chia.

Although neither of them has spoken publicly about how the relationship ended, the lawyer handling this case revealed that the song ‘Music Sessions No. 53’ has some clues about the breakup of the couple.

In an interview with content creator John Nellis, Gerard Piqué He referred for the first time about his relationship with Shakira and how they deal with the separation issue.

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Initially, the interview was aimed at the ex-soccer player giving clues about the best players with whom he would put together his perfect team. As the best defense he mentions Carlos Puyol with whom he shared in the Barcelona Football Club.

As the best defense, he mentions Messi and gives his explanations as to why he did not choose Cristiano Ronaldo: «When you compare recent years, the best is Messi», he mentions.

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As he finishes talking about his dream team, the content creator interrupts him, asking «Who is the most famous non-soccer contact you have?»

Piqué keeps a moment of silence and crosses his arms, while he answers «Perhaps I would say that Shakira, who was my partner». To avoid talking about his ex-partner a bit, the soccer player says that his contact related to sports would be «Cristiano is the most followed in the world right now.»

After overcoming the situation, the footballer continues talking about his dream team, which includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Fabregas.

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