A terrifying video posted to social media shows a shark pulling a fisherman overboard Friday in the Florida Everglades, according to the National Park Service.

A visitor to Everglades National Park reported that he was bitten while washing his hand in the water in Florida Bay, the park said in a statement.

He was attended to by a ranger and taken to a hospital.

The extent of the man’s injuries was not known Tuesday.

The statement continued: «While shark bites are extremely rare in Everglades National Park, we always advise visitors to be careful around park wildlife.»

A park spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that the statement was related to a video of the incident posted by WPLG, Miami’s ABC affiliate.

The video begins with a man dressed in a sweatshirt and shorts leans over the edge of a boat and dips his hands into the water. A voice is then heard warning the man, «I wouldn’t put my hands in there.»

The man in the sweatshirt, who seems to be laughing, says, «Two seconds, it won’t do any good.»

Then dip both hands into the water a second time. At that moment, she shows the video, a shark surfaces and grabs hold of his right hand. He screams, and his right hand hits the edge of the boat and a bloody mark appears on the boat, the video shows.

The man in the sweatshirt is in the water when a voice is heard yelling, «Catch him, catch him, catch him, catch him,» the video shows.

The video then becomes shaky and ends abruptly, while the man appears to have been dragged onto the boat.

Authorities have not determined what type of shark bit the man, but it was possibly a bull shark, a park spokesman said.

Miami-Dade Fire Department said in a brief statement that received a call at 10:10 a.m. Friday about a possible shark bite. An air rescue unit transported a patient to a local hospital.