During the last months, the automotive industry has presented different economic losses in the country.

According to different reports, the purchase and sale of cars has been significantly reduced compared to the year 2022. Even the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia (Andi) reported that in the accumulated of the first four months they have registered just 60,597 new vehicles, presenting a decrease of 22 percent compared to the same period of 2022.

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This, in other words, is «the lowest figure in the last 14 years without taking into account the year of the pandemic», according to an analysis published by the National Association for Sustainable Mobility (Andemos).

In April 2023, vehicle sales fell 33.4 percent, compared to April 2022.

High interest rates have slowed down the consumption of durable goods, including the vehicle market, so it is essential that the financial sector break the upward cycle

«High interest rates have curbed the consumption of durable goods, including the vehicle market, so it is essential that the financial sector break the cycle of interest increases to mitigate the impact of the cost of money,» he pointed out for the report. the president of andemos, oliverio garcia

Likewise, he stated that «The figures also indicate that GDP should be contracting according to forecasts for 2023.»

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Within this are also used vehicles, since, according to the entity’s reports, at least the transfer to this type of car has had a decrease of 15.4 percent as of March 2023.

Likewise, according to an analysis carried out by the media The RepublicThe value of these automobiles «has fallen by 4.43%, if the variation of the eight best-selling cars in 2022 and that were presented in 2016 is taken into account.»

The most desired brands

Among the brands most valued by Colombians is Renault with 2,252 registrations and a variation of -35.4 percent, followed by Toyota (-11.8%), Mazda (-8.2%), Chevrolet (-57.3%) and Kia (-33.8). %).

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Now, according to the Federation of Colombian Insured, among the most purchased used models are the following:

Car sales have decreased in 2023.

Renault Duster: This truck -along with the Stepway- is one of the most models purchased so far this year. The data show that, used, they have had a variation of -8 percent. In other words, for 2022 it had an approximate cost of 49,1442,900 Colombian pesos, while for 2023 it is valued at 45,000,000 pesos.

Chevrolet Onyx: with a variation of -5.33 percent, this step went from costing 40,600,000 Colombian pesos (approximately) to 38,457,0000 pesos.

Renault Sandero: Although its variation was much lower than the two mentioned above, since it was only -1.68 percent, its cost could be significant. By 2022 it had an approximate cost of 34,875,000 Colombian pesos (approximately), while for 2023 it is valued at 34,289,000 pesos.

Kia Picanto Ion: certainly one of the most popular cars today is the Kia Picanto. With a variation of -4.99 percent, this step cost 322,101,443 Colombian pesos (approximately) to 30,500,506 pesos.

How many cars are there in Colombia?

In Colombia there are 18 million vehicles61 percent are motorcycles and the remaining 39 percent correspond to cars, buses, trucks, vans, and other types of automobiles.

In Colombia there are more than 10 million vehicles.


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