The Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (Inau) reported this Wednesday that it was not aware of the violence that was exercised against the 11-year-old girl who was exploited, tortured and enslaved by her family in the city of Treinta y Tres until He died in January of this year.

This Tuesday the sentence of her uncles, responsible for the mistreatment she and four other minors received, was known.

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The president of the institute, Pablo Abdala, said this Wednesday that the Inau intervened once the case was prosecuted as a result of the death of the minor. At that time, they were summoned by the Justice and took custody of the other minors that the couple had a charge.

“It is a very complex picture. We are regretting this outcome and since January we have been taking charge of the situation of these four minors, who are fine,” Abdala told Sarandí. “It’s very bleak”, he described and assured that the entity had not previously received complaints of violence in that family nucleus.

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“This confirms what we announced on April 25, when we found figures and insisted that These violent phenomena occur mainly in the private sphere of the home. That is why we talk about the problems of detecting these problemsyeah,» he commented. “It seems to me that it is a crude and extreme example of everything that we repeatedly affirm«, he specified and commented that in cases like this, where the violence is prolonged over time, the children «end up naturalizing it and the tendency to take it as something daily in their lives.»

The consequence of no one said, no one saw, no one heard

The girl lived through an ordeal until the day she died. Her life was marked by the violence of those who were responsible for her, beginning with her mother, who lost custody of her for exercising domestic violence against her. So it was that her minor passed into the hands of her uncles, who intensified her mistreatment.

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The Inau will determine if this possession pass was «in fact» or if there was a «judicial resolution». In this sense, he pointed out that they did not receive complaints of violence against this or the other children who were in charge of the convicted. “If none of that happens (no complaints are filed) what happened in Santa Clara de Olimar happens. The consequence of no one said, no one saw, no one heard”, sentence.