Stranger Things – Picture: Netflix

Strange things It’s one of Netflix’s biggest properties, and in recent years we’ve seen a number of spin-offs, games, and other media released under the brand, with much more to come. Below, we’ll take a look at all the various projects beyond the main show and what’s coming next.

The creatives behind Stranger Things and even some of the actors are also currently working with Netflix on many projects. We’ve got you covered on all of Shawn Levy’s 21-round projects, The Duffer Brothers projects, and all of Millie Bobby Brown’s projects here.

Before we dive into what’s next, let’s recap some of the other Stranger Things projects that have released so far:

  • beyond stranger things is a behind-the-scenes companion show released in conjunction with Season 2 and hosted by Jim Rash. He did not return for later seasons.
  • Stranger Things: The Virtual Reality Experience released in 2017
  • More than 40 releases of comics and novels. so far, with more plans (see below).
  • Two bonus XP Strange things gamesincluding Stranger Things: 1984 and stranger things 3: the game, both now reside in Netflix Games on iOS and Google Play. Originally released in October 2017 and July 2019, respectively.
  • Various podcasts, including Behind the Scenes: Stranger Things 3 and the six episodes wayward robin novel.
  • Stranger Things: The Experiencea live action event that will take place in cities throughout 2022 and into 2023, including London, Cape Town, Paris, Los Angeles, Paris and Toronto.
  • Stranger Things: Jigsaw Tales mobile game developed by Next Games first released in 2021 before moving to Netflix Games in late 2022.

Beyond those projects, Netflix has also licensed the IP for video games and board games, including Fortnite, dead by daylight and Magic: The Gathering.

next Strange things Projects, Spin-offs and Other Projects

next Strange things Comics/Novels

tales of hawkins netflix

Hawkins Tales – Image: Dark Horse Comics

As mentioned above, dozens of comics have been released under the Strange things banner, including many complete volumes of stories. All comics are published by Dark Horse Comics.

Here’s a look at the current and upcoming list of announced titles:

  • Hawkins Tales – He the first issue was published on February 8, 2023, with three new releases planned for May, July, and August 2023.
  • The many ghosts of Dr. Brenner – Four issues planned for the future – no release date at the moment.

Strange things virtual reality project

coming to netflix: end of 2023

stranger things vr project

Image: tender claws

Described as a psychological horror/action game, this is the second time Stranger Things has made its way into VR, though this experience so far seems infinitely more realized.

According to the official page for the new VR project, this is what you can expect:

“Play as Vecna. Become an explorer of unknown realities as you shape the mind of the hive and tame the void. Invade minds and conjure up nightmares on your quest to exact revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.»

Stranger Things: The First Shadow

stranger things the first shadow netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Serving as the show’s first performance, this new play features an original story by The Duffer Brothers, Jack Thorne and Kate Trefry. It is reportedly «rooted in the mythology and world of the global Netflix phenomenon.» The exhibits are occur at the Phoenix TheaterLondon, from November 17, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

By the official sitewhere you can buy tickets, this is what you can expect from the story:

Hawkins, 1959: a normal city with regular worries. Young Jim Hopper’s car won’t start, Bob Newby’s sister doesn’t take her radio show seriously, and Joyce Maldonado just wants to graduate and get out of town. When new student Henry Creel arrives, his family discovers that a new beginning is not so easy… and the shadows of the past are very far reaching.

Strange things (Season 5)

stranger things season 5 netflix

chrome Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Of course, the main show returns for a fifth and final season, expected to land in 2024, though some reports cite it may be as late as 2025.

Over the course of the fourth season, they set the stakes for a grand final showdown between Eleven and the team and Vecna, who has now invaded the town of Hawkins.

We are keeping track of all Strange things season 5 developments in our big preview for the upcoming season finale here.

Entitled Strange things animation project

Announced in April 2023, Netflix officially announced its first major spin-off coming to the service itself in the form of a ’90s Saturday morning cartoon-style animated series.

The Duffer Brothers, 21 Laps, Flying Bark Productions and Eric Robles join the project.

What spin-off or other project do you most want to see? Let us know in the comments below.