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The canceled Netflix original series disengaged it is scheduled to leave Netflix at the end of April as we head into May 2023. The news follows the announcement that Showtime has revived the show for future seasons on its network.

As a reminder, disengaged was the eye-catching Netflix comedy series released in July 2022 starring Neil Patrick Harris. The show was written by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman and produced by MTV Entertainment Studios.
and Jax Media.

After a rough time in the top 10 on Netflix (it only appeared for a week), it was finally announced that the show would be canceled in January 2023.

Then, in February 2023, the show defied the odds and was renewed on another network with Paramount Globals’ premium network Showtime. The news also came after it was announced that Ripleypreviously intended for Showtime, it was scheduled to be released on Netflix.

The show joined a rare list of other Netflix originals that have been revived elsewhere. However, in most cases, the Netflix seasons of those revived series do not leave the service. One day at a timefor example, it still has its first few seasons on Netflix to this day, just like Tuca and Bertie. Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Star wars, the clone wars departed; however, even though there are many asterisks for each example, given property, etc.

However, as we have learned, Paramount will claim the rights to Season 1 for disengaged.

When disengaged leave netflix?

Netflix is ​​about to lose the global rights to disengaged on May 1, 2023, with a notice currently displayed on the show’s page stating that its «Last Day to Watch on Netflix» is April 30.

the elimination of disengaged Season 1 applies globally.

removal date undocked on netflix

Where could it be disengaged next stream?

No streaming home has yet been announced for disengaged season 1, but since season 2 will eventually premiere on Showtime. It’s also probably safe to assume that the comedy will land imminently on Paramount+ given the library merger In recent months.

Paramount+ has yet to announce its May 2023 release slate in full, but it’s currently not showing on various published lists until now.

Recording of the second season of disengaged is scheduled to begin in late May 2023, and will once again be filmed primarily in New York City.

You’ll get lost? disengaged When is it coming out of Netflix on May 1st? Let us know in the comments below.

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