The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksii Danilov, has described as «unacceptable» the behavior of Ukrainian citizens who publish videos of Russian attacks with missiles and drones, and has been convinced that they will eventually be held accountable.

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“We have the not very pleasant case of our citizens who, not understanding how dangerous the situation is, publish videos,” Danilov told the national television news service, referring to recordings of interceptions of Russian missiles by Russian defenses. Ukrainian airlines that keep appearing on social networks.

Not understanding how dangerous the situation is, (citizens) post videos

“I am more than sure that those who do these things will end up being held accountable,” Danilov said.

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Since the beginning of this war, the Ukrainian authorities have asked their Russian citizens to avoid posting videos recorded inside Ukraine showing missile or drone interceptions or showing the consequences of these attacks.

The bombardments in Ukrainian territory have put the population on maximum alert.

The appearance of some of these videos allows Russia to know in detail the place where its missiles have fallen and thus correct the trajectory of the rockets in future attacks. In addition, the recordings of the interceptions can give an idea of ​​the location of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

Calls to avoid such posts have intensified after the massive attack on Kiev early Tuesday morning, in which the Ukrainian Air Force said it shot down 18 Russian missiles, including 6 Kinzhal supersonic rockets.

Russia assures, for its part, that it reached a Patriot anti-aircraft system of those received from its western partners by Ukraine.


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