The New York state judge presiding over the secret money criminal case against Donald Trump issued an order Monday restricting the former president from posting any evidence in the case on social media.

In his order, Judge Juan Merchan largely sided with the Manhattan district attorney in limiting what Trump can publicly reveal about new prosecution evidence before the case goes to trial.

Merchan’s order said that anyone with access to evidence turned over to the Trump team by state prosecutors «shall not copy, broadcast or disclose» the material to third parties, including social media platforms, «without the prior approval of court».

It also singles out Trump, saying he is allowed to review prosecutors’ confidential «Limited Release Materials» only in the presence of his attorneys, and «will not be permitted to independently copy, photograph, transcribe, or otherwise possess the Prosecutor’s Materials.» limited diffusion». «

The ruling largely follows a request for a protective order from the Manhattan district attorney’s office that Trump’s lawyers had complained was «extremely restrictive.»

Trump’s lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Trump was charged with 34 felony falsifying business records last month and pleaded not guilty.

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