Confirmed the increase in the minimum wage transportation aid, as well as the increase in public transportation fares in Bogotá for 2023, the subsidy will cover 47 TransMilenio tickets per month, from the readjustment that will begin on January 10.

This figure comes from dividing the $140,606 in transportation assistance that Colombians who earn a minimum wage will receive, and $2,950 that each trip will cost in this transportation system, after the increase announced by the Bogotá Mayor’s Office, at the end of last week.

The readjustments also apply to taxi services and the integrated transportation system.

​According to the District Administration, the increase in rates was made based on the increase that the minimum wage will have for the year 2023 and the Consumer Price Index – CPI (until November it was 12.53%).

In the case of the Zonal service (Sitp) in Bogotá, the 140,606 transportation assistance will be enough for 51 tickets, taking into account that it rises to $2,750 each way.

Rise below the minimum and inflation

On the other hand, the transport rates for Medellín and the Aburrá Valley are divided below the CPI.

The increases will oscillate between 11% and 12% and in the case of the Metro, the increase will be $300. The price readjustment will begin on January 1st.

In the case of the Metro system (Metro, tram, Metrocable and Metroplús) the increase in the fare will be $300. In other words, they will go from $2,580 to $2,880.

With this adjustment, the transportation allowance set for the 2023 minimum wage, It will be enough for about 48 tickets with the frequent rate.

The one for older adults will remain at $2,660; that of students in $1,260; and to the bearer in $3,280.

In the case of Cali, the users of the Massive Integrated of the West (MIO) will go from paying $2,400 to $2,700. That is, the transportation subsidy set for 2023 would be enough for 52 tickets.

Other cities

In the case of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga, among others, an increase of 12.52% was used.which corresponds to the inflation data at the end of November, as established by the Colombian Association of Capital Cities.

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