A Seminole Gulf Railway train carrying propane derailed near a Florida airport Tuesday, prompting a major cleanup, authorities said.

Emergency crews from Southern Manatee Fire & Rescue received reports of a train derailment in Manatee County, just a few miles from Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, county officials said in a statement. At least five boxcars and two propane tanker trucks derailed at the site, they said.

No injuries were reported and authorities said there appeared to be «no leaks at this time.»

One tanker, a 30,000-gallon liquid propane car, was on its side, while the other car was «off the track, but upright,» said Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Bounds, the Tuesday night.

While noting there were no apparent leaks, he said officials continued to monitor the situation with gas detection equipment. He said the «mitigation process» could take five to seven days.

It was not immediately clear what caused the derailment.

Aerial images show overturned railcars after a train derailed Tuesday in Manatee County, Florida. wfla

Manatee County Emergency Medical Services and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office personnel were deployed to the scene of the derailment, along with county public safety workers.

He said clearing the tracks would likely «take some time» as the propane would have to be removed from the tankers before they could be moved.

“We are proud of our first responders,” Manatee County Board of Commissioners Chairman Kevin Van Ostenbridge said in a statement. “Your swift action has helped keep our citizens safe.”

Crews will continue to monitor the situation as cleanup efforts begin.

Seminole Gulf Railway Vice President Robert Fay said the company would work to «safely clean the cars next week.»

The incident comes as a massive train derailment in Ohio that caused cancer-causing toxic fumes to be released into the East Palestine area has gained national attention amid growing health concerns among local residents.

As cleanup at the derailment site continues, people living in and around the small town have expressed growing concern for their health, with some being diagnosed with bronchitis or reporting nausea, rashes, irritated eyes and others. Unexplained symptoms since the accident. .

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