Three active duty US Marines were arrested and charged this week with breaching the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, the latest in a line of current or former members of the armed forces. associated with the riot.

Enlisted Marines – Cpl. Micah Coomer and Sgts. Joshua Abate and Dodge Dale Hellonen each face four misdemeanor counts, including disorderly conduct in the Capitol building with intent to impede Congress.

according to a sworn complaint From an FBI agent, the bureau learned about the three men after Coomer posted photos of himself inside the Capitol on Instagram with the caption: «Glad to be apart.» [sic] of history.»

The complaint says Coomer expressed support for the Boogaloo Bois, a far-right group that advocates civil war. The FBI matched the images of the three men to their military ID photos and also obtained geolocation records showing their cellphones were at the Capitol that day.

The FBI affidavit also says that when interviewed for security clearance, Abate revealed that he had entered the Capitol with two «friends» during the riot, but said he chose not to tell anyone about his involvement.

The three men have enlisted in the Marine Corps for more than four years, according to a Marine Corps spokesman.

Micah Coomer, circled in red, Dodge Dale Hellonen, circled in blue, and Joshua Abate on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.fbi

None of the men have pleaded guilty and there are no attorneys for them in court records.

«We are aware of an investigation and the allegations,» a Marine Corps spokesman said. «The Marine Corps is cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities in support of the investigation.»

Abate is assigned to the Marine Corps Cryptologic Support Battalion in strong meadeMaryland, also home to the National Security Agency, the digital espionage arm of the Pentagon.

With these cases included, 121 of the 943 defendants in the Capitol riot are current or former members of the military, or about 12% of the cases, according to the George Washington University Program on Extremism. About 6.4% of Americans are military veterans, according to census data.

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