Thousands of users reported problems trying to access Twitter on Saturday, marking the last widespread outage from Tesla and the CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk acquired the social networking site late last year.

Many users who tried to access or post content on the Twitter website or mobile app were met with the error message «Speed ​​limit exceeded» or «Unable to retrieve tweets.» As of 11 am ET, more than 7,300 people have reported problems with Twitter to the website. fall detector.

Twitter responded to CNBC’s request for comment with its usual poop emoji.

Saturday’s outage is not the first time Twitter has suffered technical difficulties in recent months. In February, users were unable to post to the site for about 90 minutes after receiving a message saying, «You have exceeded your daily Tweet limit.» In March, users were temporarily unable to click links or upload images.

Other blackouts coincided with reports of a data center closure and mass layoffs on Twitter, which Musk claimed were necessary for the financial health of the company.

It is unclear when Saturday’s outage will be resolved.