American pilot, Jimmie Johnson, is going through one of the most difficult problems in his personal life, after a tragedy is revealed that plagues his family, where his fiancée’s mother is involved.

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According to information provided by the United States authorities, Terry Janway, mother of the wife of the seven-time Nascar champion driver, She was found dead along with her husband and her nephew. The first versions of the Oklahoma Police suggest that the 68-year-old woman would be the main person responsible for the murder.

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«A subject was seen lying in the hallway inside the front door. Officers conducted a rescue of the subject lying within the hallway and determined the subject was deceased. Once officers were on scene, a search was conducted at the residence and two more subjects were found dead inside the residence,» authorities said.

The authorities They classified this case as a homicide-suicide and revealed the identities of the deceased people. Is about Jack Janway 69 years of age; terry janway 68-year-old parents of Chandra Janway, Jimmie Johnson’s wife, and 11-year-old Dalton Janway.

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In addition, he gave some revealing details of what could have happened inside the house where the three lifeless bodies were found.. Janway would have she shot her husband, then attacked the minor and finally committed suicide with a firearm.

Shocking revelations from the grandchildren of the alleged murderer

seth robinson, Terry Janway’s grandson stated for the newspaper daily mail that the woman I had been battling depression for several years, due to the death of one of his children.


Donald Page / Getty Images via AFP

“My grandmother was very sweet, she was the kindest person anyone has ever known. She had battled depression and other things we didn’t know about.«said the young man.

The Nascar legend’s mother-in-law lost her 27-year-old son Jordan in a tragic skydiving accident in 2014, and this episode will have marked his life, generating a strong depression that he never practiced, Robinson said.

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“About nine years ago my grandparents lost their son, my uncle, in a skydiving accident, and I think that was what started his descent into depression.”, he added.

Finally, the young Seth Robinson highlighted that his grandmother “she never tried to harm her husband and the minor”, but made it clear that the event «just happened.» In addition, he revealed that he has spoken to several people on the subject of depression and from his experiences they revealed to him that “once people break up, they are no longer what they were before.

Tragedy in Jimmie Johnson’s family


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