A group of 16 police officers kidnapped since last Tuesday in the Mexican state of Chiapas were released this Friday, information to the authorities, which occurs to an uproar among their distraught relatives.

«I want to inform the people of Chiapas and Mexico that the 16 kidnapped compañeros of the SSyPC (Security Secretariat) have been released this afternoon,» Chiapas Governor Rutilio Escandón reported via Twitter, while local television stations broadcast live the reunion between the released and their families.

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Police employees, who are not officers, but do administrative work, They walked to the headquarters of the Chiapas Security Secretariat where their relatives had set up a sit-in to demand that the abductees appear alive.

Upon seeing them arrive, their relatives ran to hug them between screams and tears of emotion at the surprise of their arrival, according to television images. tv forum and Millennium.

A group of 16 policemen who were kidnapped last Tuesday in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.



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Through video messages read by the captives, the kidnappers had demanded the removal or resignation of three Chiapas police chiefs whom they accused of kidnapping a woman, presumably in collusion with another illegal armed group.

Some of the employees arrived holding hands or hugging and looked visibly tired, according to what he found. AFP. Ambulances with paramedics immediately arrived at the scene to check his state of health.

About a thousand agents of the state and federal security forces took part since Wednesday in operations to rescue the hostages, who were held in the town of Ocozocoautla when they were traveling on a bus after their workday.

33 workers traveled on the bus, of whom 16 men were apprehended and 17 women were released.


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