He did not identify the woman, but Mymy Nhan, 65, was identified as the only person shot in the parking lot.

A fire dispatcher pressed for details, asking if the injured woman could speak.

«Wow, can you talk to me?» pleaded the caller. «No, she can’t talk.»

The dispatcher then asked if he was breathing.

«Oh no,» said the man. “Maybe she died. I’m not sure.»

He then reported that he was bleeding from the head. The dispatcher assured him that the police and paramedics were on their way.

Five minutes after the call, a police dispatcher, who had remained on the line after connecting the caller to the fire department, asked what type of car the man was in and told him to flag down the officers. for them to help him.

«Come here please. Help!» the man could be heard screaming. «Right here! Right here! Right here!»

The police dispatcher then notified his partner at the fire department that there were «several gunshot victims inside.»

Inside the same car? asked the fire dispatcher.

The police dispatcher clarified that he was referring to the business: the ballroom.

After this exchange, about seven minutes into the call, the man could still be heard calling for help.

The police dispatcher told him to keep waving. Finally, he said: “They are here. they are here.»

Nhan, an immigrant from Vietnam who regularly attended the club and loved to dance, was one of the first victims named after the massacre.

Three weeks earlier, she had lost her mother, whom she had cared for, her niece, Fonda Quan, told The Associated Press. She had gone to the club to celebrate with friends and she was ready to “start the year over”.

In addition to Nhan, the victims have been identified as Ming Wei Ma, 72; Hong Jian, 62; Valentino Alvero, 68; Diana Tom, 70; Yukao, 72; Xiujuan Yu, 57; Chia Ling Yau, 76; Muoi Ung, 67; Wen Yu, 64; and Lilan Li, 63.