• Alberto Najar
  • BBC Mundo, Mexico City

A man poses before the photo of Cantinflas on the centenary of his birth.  Photo: AFP/Getty

image source, BBC World Service


Mexicans don’t care about the unpleasant side of Cantinflas (AFP photo)

Many believe that Cantinflas was the best comedy actor in the history of Mexico. But Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes, his real name, was a radically different person.

His character, a nice young man with a piece of cloth over his shoulder that they called a raincoat, with his pants tied by a cord ten centimeters below the waist, a worn hat and a peculiar way of speaking without saying anything, made everyone laugh. who saw it on the screen.

But on the street, with his fellow artists or the places the actor frequented, he was cold, hostile and arrogant, according to those who knew him.

Now that the first film about the actor’s life is being released in Mexico, some remember that little-known part of the actor.