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Netflix is ​​back in business with Jeremy Zag Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, but what exactly is coming to Netflix?

Few stories come equipped with as many natural twists and turns as the relationship between Netflix and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noireither Miraculous To abreviate. Earlier this year, we reported that Miraculous Seasons 1-3 were scheduled to leave Netflix US in February and move to Disney+, where they had been streaming in most countries ever since. Disney acquired exclusive rights to Seasons 4-5 and two made for television specials. When that day came, Seasons 1-3 made their way to Disney+, but also remained on Netflix. Our sources later informed us that the license for the series had been extended through July, although no longer exclusively.

Now we know why Miraculous it stayed here; Jeremy Zag can’t get enough of Netflix. Late last week, an Instagram Story posted by musician and film producer Tyler John Thompson surfaced, captioned: Working on a secret project today for @Netflix and @jeremyzag @miraculous. Jeremy even reposted it to his own Instagram story.

Miracle Project Netflix

Screenshot: ladyblognewss on Twitter

It makes sense that Netflix would want to keep streaming seasons 1-3 of the series if a new project is coming up. Disney didn’t either No acquiring the exclusive rights to Seasons 1-3 or choosing to relinquish that privilege as one of its many recent cost-cutting measures that allowed Netflix to re-license them. For that reason, we wouldn’t be surprised if Seasons 4-5 finally stream on Netflix.

What Could This Netflix Miraculous Project Be?

We should start by saying that we reached out to Netflix about the future of the series and the mysterious project and they declined to comment.

Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie

During the last few years, a miraculous ladybug feature film has been in production.

It will finally be released in theaters across Europe starting on July 5, 2023. No US distributor or release plan is known as of yet. Earlier, we alluded to the many twists and turns in the relationship between Netflix and Miraculous. In August 2022, a toy display was photographed with badges reading: «In Theaters and Streaming Fall 2022» and «Netflix: A Netflix Movie.» If it seems strange to you that Netflix had the film rights shortly after Disney acquired the worldwide rights to the series, remember that it takes years to make an animated feature film. The movie rights were likely sold to Netflix before Disney and Zag signed those deals in 2020 and 2021.

Miraculous Ladybug netflix movie

Source: @ashrose31 on Twitter

Some might argue that the film is not a «secret» project, but you have to remember that it has never been officially revealed that Netflix will be distributing the film (if at all). A leaked toy show is not a press release, and things can always change until they can’t anymore.

Netflix included the film in its Netflix Original Movie «planning» document for the press for several weeks, but it has since been renewed.

Let’s say this project is No the next Miraculous movie. There are still plenty of options for the expansion of the franchise ranging from a live-action series to a Netflix-exclusive spin-off. However, there is another previously announced Netflix project.

Action: The miraculous ladybug special plastic

In June 2023, a special 22-minute episode of Miraculous will be released as part of a partnership between the Bretau Foundation and Netflix that seeks to educate about the harmful impact plastic has on the environment.

Originally announced in early 2022, mentions of Netflix have been removed from most recent promotions. Maybe Zag didn’t want that information yet. If that’s the case, Tyler Thompson may be playing and referring to the project as secret despite Miraculous superfans have known this for years. Below is the original release booklet which refers to it as a «Netflix special episode».

miraculous plastic special

While we don’t know which secret project Tyler and Jeremy were referring to, we hope to learn that Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie it will be a Netflix original in the US soon and it is indeed the mystery project.