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A family adventure based on the terrifying mythical Mexican Chupacabra is coming to Netflix in April 2023. Titled Chupa, the film is directed by Jonás Cuarón, son of ROMA director Alfonso Cuarón. Here’s everything we know so far about Chupa on Netflix.

suck is an upcoming Netflix Original family adventure film directed and co-written by Jonás Cuarón.

Cuarón is following in the footsteps of his father, Alfonso, who is an Academy Award-winning director who worked on ROMA, Gravity and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Jonas currently has 8 directing credits to his name and will be directing the upcoming Zoro reboot.

Jonas Cuaron Sucks Family Adventure Movie Coming to Netfix in April 2023

Jonás Cuarón on the set of Chupa – 26th Street Pictures.

Cuarón has expressed his excitement about the origin film with Tudum:

I was a little boy when the legend began. When the idea of ​​converting [the myth] on his head and using it to tell a family adventure, I was immediately moved. I’ve always been a huge fan of ET and I think stories like that are so powerful because they play into the idea that kids aren’t understood by adults. Chupa may be a monster, but he’s the only one who truly understands what Alex is going through. The bond between a child and a creature is so pure, as with a pet, that it transcends language.»

In particular, Chris Columbus, director of the first two Home Alone films and Harry Potter, is one of Chupa’s executive producers. Columbus signed an umbrella deal with Netflix in 2018 that saw the release of the Christmas Chronicle starring Kurt Russell. Michael Baranthan serves as executive producer with Chris Columbus and Mark Radcliffe through 26th Street Pictures.

When is the suck Netflix release date?

Netflix has confirmed that suck will be released globally and exclusively in April 7, 2023.

bichir sucks family adventure movie coming to netfix in april 2023

Sucks – Image. 26th Street Photos

What is the plot of suck?

The synopsis for Chupa comes from Netflix:

Alex, a shy 13-year-old, flies from Kansas City to Mexico to meet his extended family for the first time. There he meets his grandfather and former wrestling champion, Chava’s energetic and obsessed cousin Memo, and the intrepid and modern cousin Luna. But just as Alex begins to get his bearings, he discovers a mythical creature living under his grandfather’s shed: a young chupacabra cub, which he recognizes from stories of the dreaded adult chupacabra, which according to legend feeds on farmers’ cattle. Alex soon learns that his new friend «Chupa» has a secret history with his family, and that the headstrong and dangerous scientist Richard Quinn is hunting the misunderstood creature to try to harness his powers. To protect Chupa from imminent danger, Alex embarks on the adventure of a lifetime for him, one that will push his new family bonds to the limit and remind him that life’s burdens are lighter when you don’t have to carry them alone.

Who are the cast members of CHUPA?

Evan Whitten plays the lead role of Alex, the young man who discovers the mythical Chupacabra pup. Sucks will be Whitten’s debut on Netflix. Outside of the streaming service, one of Whitten’s most notable roles to date was playing the young Elliot in Mr. Robot.

evan whittan sucks family adventure movie coming to netfix in april 2023

Evan Whitten (left) with Remi Malek in Mr. Robot

Christian Slater plays the role of antagonist Richard Quinn, a scientist who is determined to hunt down the Chupacabra. Like his Whitten co-star, he was also in Mr. Robot but had a much larger role as the title character. This will be Slater’s third or fourth project after starring in Inside Job and We Can Be Heroes. His voice talent will also be heard in the upcoming animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

Christian Slater sucks family adventure movie coming to netfix in April 2023

Christian Slater as Richard Quinn – Image. Pictures from 26th street.

Demián Bichir plays the role of Chava. Bichir previously starred in George Clooney’s Netflix film. the midnight sky but he is best known for playing the role of Bob in the Quentin Tarantino film the hateful eight.

Memo and Luna, Alex’s cousins, will be played by Nickolas Verdugo and Ashley Ciarra. Both young actors will make their acting debut in Chupa.

Julio Cesar Cedillo plays the role of Dr. Juan Carlos Ortega. Cideo previously starred in Narcos: Mexico, a Narcos spin-off, where he played the role of Guillermo González.

When and where did the filming of suck?

Filming took place in New Mexico, USA, beginning on August 23, 2023 and ending on November 29, 2021.

What is the rating of the parents of suck?

It has been confirmed that suck It is rated PG for parental guidance.

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