It is becoming habitual and it already seems an analysis sentence that the Colombian National Team, this one, that of Néstor Lorenzo, grows or reacts in the second half.

Against Korea it was evident. The team lost 2-0, gave advantages, did not react, and needed to enter the locker room to return to the field with a different mental and football disposition.

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Goals from James and Carrascal allowed them to tie the game that was lost due to a weak first half in which the team seemed disconnected.

Second half team

James celebrates against Korea.

It is not the first time that Colombia makes a difference in the complementary parts of its parties in the Lorenzo era.

Five preparation games have been played under his command, and not only is he undefeated, but there has been no shortage of goals.

Colombia has 11 goals scored in five games in this new process. Only one game went scoreless and that was 0-0 against the United States.

The constant in these notes is the supremacy in the second half. Well, of the 11 goals, 9 were in the complementary periods. Which shows that Lorenzo’s team usually has a better shot than the start of their games. Or at least, it’s more effective that way.

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The first game was a resounding victory against Guatemala, 4-1. In that game, 3 goals were in the final part, those of Sinisterra, Borré and Asprilla.

The second game was a victory against Mexico 3-2. Colombia started losing and reacting in the final part with two goals from Sinisterra and one from Barrios.

They beat Paraguay 2-0. In that game, the first goal was in the initial part, by Dávinson Sánchez, and the second in the complementary part, through Falcao García.


Andrés Kudacki. AFP

And now, the reaction came on behalf of James and Carrascal to rescue a game that was lost badly against Korea.

Of the 5 games played, Colombia began by losing two, against Mexico and Korea, and the team was able to recover from those initial blows.

Now, if the team is effective in the second half to score, it is also effective to defend. Of the 5 goals that have been scored against him, only one was in the complementary part, the one from Guatemala at minute 90.

the scorers

Lorenzo’s Colombia still does not have a consolidated goalscorer, as the goals have been distributed, although the best at the moment is Luis Sinisterra, who is not in this call-up for the Asian tour.

Luis Sinisterra 3
james rodriguez 2
Rafael Santos Borré 1
Falcao Garcia 1
Jorge Carrascal 1
Yaser Asprilla 1
davinson 1
Wilmar Barrios 1

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