HOUSTON – A Houston man found not guilty in 2021 after being convicted of a fatal stabbing and serving seven years in prison has been charged with murder for shooting a fellow motorist, police said.

Lydell Grant, 46, is accused of killing Edwin Arevalo, 33, after a minor traffic accident Thursday night, Houston police said. Grant got out of his vehicle, shot Arevalo and then fled, police said.

Grant was taken into custody Friday after a warrant was issued for his arrest, police said. He remained jailed Sunday on $1 million bail. Grant’s attorney listed in court records in this case could not immediately be reached on Sunday.

In 2012, Grant was convicted of killing 28-year-old Aaron Scheerhoorn, who was stabbed to death outside a Houston bar in 2010. Six eyewitnesses to the stabbing had testified against Grant at trial.

But Grant was found not guilty in May 2021 by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals after new DNA analysis found on the victim’s fingernails pointed to Grant’s innocence. He had served seven years of a life sentence when he was released on bail in 2019 pending the appeals court decision.

In 2019, police arrested Jermarico Carter for Scheerhoorn’s murder. Carter, who was tracked down in Atlanta, confessed to the murder. He pleaded guilty to murder in 2022 and was sent to prison.

The Texas Innocence Project, which had worked to exonerate Grant, said in a statement that it could not comment on details of Thursday’s incident, which the group says is an ongoing investigation. The group said its «thoughts and sympathies are with the family of the victim.»