tesla has registered with the state of Texas to expand its electric vehicle factory in Austin this year.

January filings with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration reveal that Tesla plans to spend more than $770 million building facilities there, including for batteries. cell test Y manufacturing, cathode Y drive unit manufacturing and a die shop, among other things.

He Austin Business Magazine previously reported on Tesla’s plans and presentations.

He Elon MuskThe led automaker officially opened its Texas electric vehicle and battery factory in April 2022, hosting a “cyber rodeo” party for shareholders and fans there. Today, Tesla builds some of its Model Y crossover utility vehicles in Austin, and plans to mass-produce its sci-fi-inspired Cybertruck, an unconventional pickup, there, too.

After the company initially opened its Austin factory and another vehicle assembly plant outside of Berlin in Germany, CEO Musk called both facilities “gigantic money ovens”, in an interview with the owners of Tesla Silicon Valley.