According to the Department of Transit and Transportation of the National Police, more than 2.93 million Colombians will be mobilized through the national roads during this weekend of the end of the year. The greatest movement will be registered in Bogotá, with some 296,666 vehicles leaving the city, while 561,881 will do so from Cundinamarca.

Due to the behavior of traffic, it is estimated that the busiest corridors will be the Third Lane Bogotá-Girardot, Chirajara-Fundadores (via al Llano)Cartagena-Barranquilla and Pacífico 1 and 3, in the department of Antioquia.

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We have 110 operational tolls and a greater number of personnel at the stations to achieve agility in collection and avoid congestion

«We have more than 3,630 people from the operational area, collectors, work managers, technicians, supervisors and security personnel. Likewise, we have 110 operational workers and a greater number of personnel in the work stations (kangaroos) to achieve agility in the collection and avoid congestion«, highlights William Camargo Triana, president of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).

To facilitate mobility through the different roads of the country during these days, in the projects awarded by the ANI, works will not be carried out, although it will make some very specific exceptions where work will continue.

For example, in the project Third Lane Bogotá-Girardot most jobs were halted. The plan that will be implemented in coordination with the Traffic Police contemplates their suspension until January 9.

In areas such as Azafranal in Silvania, the Pagüey Bridge in Nilo and the Melgar bypass, there is a road enabled for counterflow traffic or with alternate steps due to the complexity of the work being carried out there. From the ANI they recommend travelers to take into account the hours and days of less trafficfrom Monday to Thursday no major congestion is expected on the roads.

This concession already has a progress of 15 percent in the execution of the workswith more than 130 fronts, 4,500 employees and nearly 800 teams, thus complying with the agreed schedule, according to Vía 40 Express.

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Those who travel to the cities of Montería and Sincelejo should take into account that activities of periodic maintenance in the Córdoba-Sucre project, specifically, in the Cereté-La Ye Sahagún section of Route 7402 and the Cereté-Ciénaga de Oro section of the same route.

In the Caribbean region there will also be works on behalf of the Puerta de Hierro-Palmar de Varela and Carreto-Cruz del Viso projects. The December 31 Activities will be carried out at the critical sites of the Carmen de Bolívar–Carreto–Cruz del Viso and Puerta de Hierro–Carmen de Bolívar bypass sections.

While in the Conexión Pacífico 3 highway project there will be restricted passage points in a single lane between La Pintada-La Felisa in the sectors of Riomar, Quebrada La Ley, Garrucha Orofino and Marmato Restaurant. This 4G concession, which will connect the port of Buenaventura with Valle del Cauca, Eje Cafetero and Antioquia, already has an advance of 95.5 percent and its entry into operation is scheduled for May 2022.

In addition, people who plan to arrive or leave Bogotá through Carrera Séptima should take into account that the AcceNorte Concession will continue jobs from 245th street to La Carowithout suspension during the end of the year season.