A man once charged in the 2020 disappearance and presumed death of his wife has said he is innocent, accusing Colorado authorities of having «tunnel vision» by suspecting only him.

You are wrong. They had tunnel vision and looked at a person and they are too proud to say they are wrong and look the other way,» said Barry Morphew. ABC News in an interview that aired on Monday.

Your comments come immediately after to $15 million lawsuit filed this month against authorities who accused him of killing Suzanne Morphew, who has not been seen since around Mother’s Day in May 2020.

Morphew was arrested in May 2021 and charged with first degree murder before the case was dismissed last year.

Asked if he had any role in his wife’s disappearance, Morphew, 55, said: «Absolutely not. It’s very painful to lose your reputation and your integrity.»

The case was dismissed without prejudice so authorities could re-arrest him if they find new evidence. The body of his wife has never been found.

«I was innocent the first time I was arrested, so I’m sure it’s possible» for another arrest to happen, Morphew said. «But I have nothing to worry about. I haven’t done anything wrong.»

Morphew’s daughters said they support their father.

«I’ve never had an ounce of doubt» about her innocence, said 19-year-old Macy Morphew.

Mallory Morphew, 24, added: «Not one.»

A Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson declined to comment Monday: «In accordance with Chaffee County and Sheriff’s Office standing policy, we do not offer comment on pending or active litigation or ongoing investigations.»

A representative for the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.

«We had a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage. She was so loving and generous and a good mother,» said Morphew, who admitted their union was not without its challenges.

Suzanne Morphew was diagnosed with cancer, her husband said.

«I know that he was going through chemotherapy for the last few years before he went missing and I know that he was going through some tough things and made some bad decisions,» he said. «He was really having problems with the chemotherapy and the drugs.»

Prosecutors have said Suzanne Morphew was ready to leave her husband, telling him in a text shortly before his disappearance that «I’ve finished.»

The wife took «clear and articulable steps» in the months before she disappeared to separate and divorce Morphew. the prosecutors said.

Barry Morphew said the high profile of the case led him to leave Colorado. He has been having trouble getting a job with the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew still hanging over her head, defense attorney Iris Eytan said Monday.

«He tries to find work doing landscaping projects, but it’s very difficult because his name has been wrongly associated with being a murderer,» Eytan told NBC News.