The Francisco Gurruchaga Educational Complex, located in the city of Rosario, Argentina, asked his students to attend classes with bathing suits with the aim of combating the heat waves that have been occurring since the end of 2022.

The decision was made when Omar Perotti, governor of the province of Santa Fe, gave the green light for each school will make the pertinent decisions for its students could receive classes in the best wayas read in the middle Clarion.

Finally, on March 13, images of the Gurruchaga school were released cooling their students with a hose, due to the 30 degree temperature that hit the city.

The heat doesn’t seem to subside.

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The fact left such a controversy that the Gurruchaga school had to clarify the situation through a statement: «We understand that the school must adapt to the context, prioritizing the well-being of our students without interrupting the teaching of classes, in this way it can refresh itself and make school more enjoyable.

“It is a lack of consideration for the children and the community, since we have had cases where The children have had to be picked up by their parents because of their health deteriorated by the heat wave»said Marisa Aybar, a union delegate from the ARA General Belgrano School, another of the schools that was forced to cancel classes.

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This is not the only concern of those who reside in Rosario, since people are waiting for the excessive heat to subside. However, This Tuesday the temperature will continue at the same level with a minimum of 25 degrees, and can reach up to 36 degrees.

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