«Stone Cold» Steve Austin has been known for three things throughout his career in the wrestling business: making a racket, kicking ass, and drinking beer. As he has left the industry behind, in addition to a few major event appearances, Austin has developed a different persona on podcasts and television.

On Sunday night, Austin will premiere his new TV show on A&E called «Stone Cold Takes on America.» The show’s premise centers on the six-time WWE Champion doing the things he never got the chance to do because he put his mind, body and soul into the ring for several decades. He embarked on a trip in an RV to experience all kinds of new adventures.

Austin told Fox News Digital in a recent interview that one of the hardest things to do was try to compete and be the best at something you’ve never done before. He admitted that there were some situations where he was downright «painful» while in others he had to master the ropes.


Steve Austin with the motor home

«Stone Cold» Steve Austin spoke with Fox News Digital about his new show. (A&E)

«Well, one of the things you’d sit and laugh about: taking someone’s order at a steakhouse, waiting tables for a night I didn’t know the menu. Here’s the thing, the show is called ‘Stone Cold Takes on America.’ You know, I’ve lived my life as Steve Austin, so you know I’m not going to go up to your table and throw a menu, saying if you want to order a steak, give me hell yeah,» he said. «I don’t have that shell of protective armor that ‘Stone Cold’ gave me. That’s not what I’m doing on the show.

«When I was doing the things that I loved or doing the things that I always wanted to do but never got the chance, man, I was completely in it. But on some of the other stuff, which I would consider kind of a fish out of water stuff, man, some of them were extremely painful because I was just trying to do a good job and I didn’t rely on humor or just trying to put on a show. I was really trying to act. I would say in some of those segments, I actually failed. Maybe they will be entertaining on TV. Some parts were difficult. A lot of it was adventurous. Some parts were adrenaline-pumping. And, frankly, some parts were very painful.»

Austin said he learned a lot when he was put in new kinds of situations and most of all that the experience of doing some of the jobs he experienced is very important and that the average or above average person can’t just come off the street and thrive. in a new environment. It requires learning and practice.

Steve Austin in 1999

Steve Austin backstage at the 52nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on September 12, 1999 in Los Angeles. (Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)


«What I learned, and this is going to sound basic. I’m not really a philosophical guy with words of wisdom. But whatever you do in life, the things that you end up getting really good at are the things that you have repetition and experience are important,» he told Fox News Digital. «For example, every time I’ve shown up to do someone else’s job, that’s the first time I’ve tried. I’m a really competitive person: if they could do it, I could do it. Uh, not so fast.

«When I started in the wrestling business, a long time ago, it was terrible. It was terrible. When I got done, it was pretty good and I was able to draw a lot of people into the building.» «It took me a while to get to be that good. So some of the things you do in life, I think the things you do the most are the things you get the best at. And this was kind of a deal where I got the chance to go to a lot of things that I never had the chance to do and a lot of other situations as well.»

Even when «The Texas Rattlesnake» claimed he doesn’t get too philosophical with his words, he offered some advice.

Steve Austin and The Rock

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on «SmackDown.» (fake images)


«I would tell anybody, man, if you’re on the fence about trying something or being good at something, man, I say go for it,» he told Fox News Digital. «Leave your fears behind and get going and do as many things as possible. Live the life of your dreams because life doesn’t last forever. And when you look at the totality of everything, it’s not to take a chance here, but for us.» You’re not here forever, so the time you’re here, experience as much life as you can and excel at the things you love.»

As far as wish-list items go, Austin said he took a lot of them off the list with the show. She said that she loves the driving experience, but while she hosted the show, it wasn’t all smooth driving.

Steve Austin puts his hands up

Steve Austin poses on June 12, 2000 in Los Angeles. (fake images)

Austin told Fox News Digital that there were some issues with the RV initially and another driver gave him the bird at one point.

«We go through a roundabout, just outside my house about 10 miles from here, and you give way to the left. So every time you come, you give way to traffic on the left. And I fly by there and this guy He doesn’t give in to me and I just throw the horn at him and he gives me the middle finger.

«I have three cameras on the dash, I have my co-driver Lauren, who is my producer, and I know I’m on TV, so I keep the parameters in a familiar vain, but yeah. I used to teach driver’s education when I was in college so I’m very strict about driving rules and laws… Me in an RV, I’ve been camping all my life, but just obey traffic signs and all the rules when you’re on the road with Steve Austin . .»

A photo of Steve Austin

«Stone Cold» Steve Austin takes on new challenges in «Stone Cold Takes on America.» (A&E)


«Stone Cold Takes on America» ​​premieres Sunday at 10 pm ET/PT on A&E.