In order to damage enough to the high evasion and fraud in the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat), the Government prepares a thorough surgery to attack this scourge, which guarantees the sustainability of this model.

(The changes that the Soat will have in 2023 to correct its gaps).

After the 50% discount of this policy for some vehicles enters into force, the authorities will analyze how to make this model more viable and guarantee coverage and also its financing.

According to official calculations, insurers, of every 100 pesos they receive, extend 52% every two months to the Directorate to support the hospital network, 3% to the Road Safety Agency, an additional 14.2% to Fonpet to cover victims of ghost car accidents or those who do not have Soat or have it expired, among others, and keep a part to manage the branch and deal with claims.

Most common traffic accidents

According to preliminary data from the National Observatory for Road Safety, provided by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, last year 56.8% of deaths from traffic accidents were motorcyclists, who also represent 61.8%. % of those injured.

(Soat discount: ABC to find out if it applies and what it covers).

The next most affected are pedestrians, with 20.4% of those missing in the same period and 15.1% of those injured in traffic accidents.

For their part, 10.5% of the people who lost their lives on the roads were vehicle users and 15.2% suffered injuries.

Speeding is the biggest cause of these accidents and the most common accident is simple collisions.

Insurance coverage, in case of traffic accidents, ranges from medical attention to funeral expenses.

Here we tell you they are suitable:

– Medical-surgical service. In a road accident, SOAT covers surgical treatments and procedures, emergency care, medication supply, hospitalization, diagnostic and rehabilitation services.

(‘For Soat to work, people have to buy it,’ he says.)

The limit amount is 800 legal daily minimum wages in force (SMLDV).

. Transportation costs. The Soat also covers the initial transportation of the victims from the place of the incident to the health center where they will be treated (ambulances).

– Compensation for permanent disability. This insurance also includes compensation for victims who lose the function of a part of the body. The maximum coverage amount is 180 SMLDV. It is not applicable for temporary disabilities. In such a case, a doctor must certify the disability.

– Death compensation. The Soat also includes coverage in the event of the death of the victim, as well as compensation for funerals. The maximum coverage amount is 750 SMLDV.

– Funeral expenses. If the victim is entitled to compensation for death, they will also receive coverage for the cost of the funeral and subsequent burial. In this case, the SOAT has a limit of 750 legal daily minimum wages in force.