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The Grishverse is back after a two-year hiatus, but now we’re facing another wait for season 3 of shadow and bone which has yet to be confirmed. Willpower shadow and bone gets a season 3 renewal? What can we expect from a new season and what about the rumored spin-off? This is what we know so far.

Based on the Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo, shadow and bone is Netflix’s big budget fantasy show directed by Eric Heisserer and starring Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter and Ben Barnes.

Season 1 arrived on Netflix in April 2021, and Season 2 premiered almost two years later, in March 2023.

that’s good shadow and bone Season 2 acting on Netflix?

Official renewal status: not yet renewed
Our renewal prediction: too early to call

a renewal of shadow and bone it will come down to numbers, given that an early renewal has not been earned in advance. As we’ve covered before, Netflix shows must meet several internal metrics used at Netflix, and one of the most important metrics, we’re told, is completion rate.

Using various sources, we’ll be tracking the show’s progress on Netflix more externally below:

Let’s start with Netflix itself, which releases hourly data for its top 40 shows and movies every Tuesday.

Here’s what their weekly ranking in Netflix’s global top 10 looks like so far:

week periodHours seen (M)RangeWeek in the Top 10
March 12, 2023 to March 19, 202350,400,00021

Sadly, this is not a massive debut for shadow and bone Season 2 and the issue itself instantly put the show at risk, but weeks 2 and 3 are perhaps the most important for the show.

We also don’t have direct 1-on-1 comparisons to Season 1, as it was released before we started receiving hourly data. Back then, we only knew that 55 million people watched season 1 in the first 28 days.

On a positive note, Season 1 saw a huge increase in viewership in week 1, meaning people are either being introduced to the show for the first time or rewatching it (after all, a two-year wait). is a long time). Season 1 garnered 24.07 million hours in week 1 of S2’s release.

To illustrate this, we’ve compared the show’s second season purely to other genre shows in its first week; We can see shadow and bone it sits between two groups of shows thus far, which means it’s currently bordering the line in our opinion.

QualificationWeek 1: Hours in the Top 10State
The Sandman69,480,000Renovated
Vikings: Valhalla T255,350,000Renovated
Shadow and bone T250,400,000A stranger
Raising Dion T249,090,000Cancelled
Fate: The Winx Saga48,960,000Cancelled
Warrior Nun S226,220,000Cancelled

What does the CVE (full display equivalent – divide number of hours vs. program execution time) look like? Well, the chart below doesn’t paint a powerful picture for week 1:

shadow and bone season 2 cve

CVE for Shadow and Bone Season 2 in Week 1 uses multiple metrics from across the web, including Wikipedia traffic, IMDb traffic, Twitter, Reddit, and Torrents, to judge what is showing the most demand at any given time. Shadow and Bone seems to be doing well there, with The Last of Us only surpassing it since Season 2 dropped.

shadow and bone popularity online


Finally, what about the critical consensus?

On that front, things are looking decent. Season 2 on Rotten Tomatoes it scored well with critics (as did Season 1), with an 84% rating compared to Season 1’s 89%.

IMDb scores for individual episodes in Season 2 it ranged from 7.6 to 8.6.

shadows and bones reviews

Image: Rotten Tomatoes

As stated above, it’s too early to tell if Season 3 of shadow and bone comes or not We haven’t given you an instant renewal prediction, but it’s not an instant cancellation prediction either.

We will have more data in the coming weeks and months, including updated data from the sources above and other sources like Nielsen and FlixPatrol.

what to expect from shadow and bone season 3

There is a lot of story left to tell in shadow and bone season 3, even though much of the main book trilogy has been adapted, with season 2 covering much of the events of siege and storm and fall and rise with the season 2 finale showing us the death of the Darkling, but differing markedly from the books by dividing the pair and introducing a new darkness to Alina’s world.

The show’s creators have teased that any new season would consist of a mix of new original material and at the same time weaving in some of the king of scars duology novels.

netflix life detailed some of the biggest burning questions for Season 3, including:

  • Alina is now a shadow summoner?
  • What happens to Nikolai at the end of Shadow and Bone season 2?
  • What is the jurda parem drug that the Ravens are trying to stop?
shadow and bone season 3 what to expect

Shadow and Bone. (From left to right) Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov, Archie Renaux as Malyen Oretsev in Shadow and Bone episode 201. chrome David Lukács/Netflix © 2023

There will be a shadow and bone Cleave?

Ever since Season 1 debuted, we’ve constantly heard rumors of a six of crows cleave.

Eric Heisserer confirmed these plans for entertainment weekly on March 16, telling the access outlet that the spinoff would be «its own little season of fun that our characters would be a part of,» but added that it heavily depends on the numbers from season 2.

“A lot of work has gone into planning this. The hope is that we can act on that planning,» Heisserer told EW. “But of course it comes down to how well the Season 2 numbers work out. And if so, then Daegan and I will continue to carry the mantle for both shows, which is also helpful because we have a lot of mouths to feed.” in terms of giving screen time to all the actors.”

Shadow and Bone: Fates Coming soon on Netflix

shadow and bones fates netflix

Image: Netflix Games

Finally, in 2022, Netflix announced that it would release a companion mobile game for shadow and bone scheduled for a 2023 release, but clearly wasn’t ready in time for the Season 2 release.

This is what you can expect from the game according to the game developer, chimera entertainment:

“Shadow and Bone: Destinies is a single-player role-playing game for the Netflix mobile gaming service, based on the IP of the same name. Players choose a variety of heroes to travel the world of the Grishaverse on a story-driven quest to fulfill their destinies. Along the way, they will have to manage scarce resources, discover clues to their destiny, and interact in a wide variety of events, including the use of Grisha magic, stealth, negotiation, and combat. The game could also be described as a modern choose-your-own-adventure game, with a healthy dose of RPG and episodic storytelling.

Do you want to see the return of shadow and bone for a season 2 and spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.