Severe storms that can cause flash flooding continue to move through parts of the Southeast Monday morning after a weekend of deadly storms battered the region.

Flood Watches and Flash Flood Warnings Issued in Southeast Alabama and north central Georgia. Cities such as Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta are located within the flood watch zone, which will remain in effect through Monday afternoon.

In southeast Alabama, the storms will produce heavy rain and frequent lightning, according to the National Weather Service field office in Birmingham. These storms are expected until 12 pm CT.

“Large hail and damaging winds will be the main threats in the southeastern counties,” the agency said.

Through Saturday afternoon, there will also be a risk of severe storms in southern Georgia and southern South Carolina. While all hazards will be possible, the severe weather is not expected to be as intense as it was over the weekend, when multiple tornadoes and storms ripped through Georgia.

In addition to severe storms, flash flooding will also be possible, especially closer to the Gulf Coast where up to 3 inches could drop locally through Tuesday morning.

A flash flood emergency has been issued for residents of Spalding County in west central Georgia following a dam rupture Monday morning at Heads Creek Reservoir, about an hour south of Atlanta. The emergency declaration, which is valid through Tuesday morning, warns residents to move to higher ground and avoid walking or driving through floodwaters.

More severe storms may also be possible in the region on Thursday and Friday.

As of Thursday, 5 million people are already at risk from damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and North Texas. Cities in the severe weather path are Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

There may be another outbreak of severe weather on Friday that could affect 54 million people in the area stretching from the southern Great Lakes to eastern Texas. Cities to watch for all hazards include Chicago; Saint Louis; Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; and Dallas.

As of 11 a.m. ET Monday, 17,722 utility customers were without power in Georgia and 13,449 were without power in Alabama.

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