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Netflix, while not as formidable in anime as Crunchyroll, has still built a vast and growing library of anime. If you want to dig deeper into Netflix’s anime lineup, you can use widely advertised category codes, and here’s a deep dive on all of them.

If you’re not familiar with Netflix category codes, you can check out our top guide to 4,000+ codes that help you filter Netflix’s library of 6,000+ titles.

How do they work? Essentially, a team of Netflix taggers assigns titles to numerous categories and descriptors that help Netflix’s algorithm (and you) sort titles to see what you’d like to see next.

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How are Netflix category codes used? You can type the code number shown below into the search box or use the genre page on the website to filter among numerous genres.

binge-worthy anime series

Binge-worthy anime series code for Netflix

Full List of Category Codes for Anime on Netflix

Now let’s take a look at the full list of 22 anime-related anime category codes:

category name category code
animated 7424
1970s action anime 587
1980s action anime 625
animated comedies 9302
anime dramas 452
English dubbed anime 81594538
Anime Fantasy 11146
anime features 3063
anime for gamers 2797624
1970s anime 3073
80s anime 3095
anime horror 10695
anime science fiction 2729
1970s sci-fi anime 4531
1980s sci-fi anime 4555
anime series 6721
binge-worthy anime series 3085265
dark fantasy anime 2691049
Japanese anime 1462141
Japanese science fiction and fantasy anime 1462167
Anime Shonen Jump 2867925
Celebrate geek week 81610621

Sort Netflix by Japanese dubs/subtitles

Another way to classify anime specifically outside of Japan is to classify Netflix by language. Netflix recently added a new tab on the web version, allowing you to sort by the original language of a title.

Here is the link to order Netflix by Japanese. However, this will offer live-action and animated content from the region. Similarly, there’s no way to classify which Japanese titles have dubbing or subtitles options.

Finally, two other quick plugs. If you’re in the United States, you can search for over 200 anime titles on Netflix through our Netflix AZ Library.

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