Rumer Willis welcomed her first child, posting a baby photo and her unique name on Tuesday.

“Louetta Isley Thomas Willis,” Willis, 34, captioned a instagram photo of her newborn daughter.

“You are pure magic,” Willis added. “I was born at home on Tuesday, April 18. You are more than we ever dreamed of.» Rumer shares Louetta with her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

The girl’s name is a classic, said Laura Wattenberg, founder of and author of «The Baby Name Wizard.»

“Louetta is an unconventional choice today, a real throwback. In the early days of the 20th century, it would have been the height of fashion,” Wattenberg noted. «Parents of that time used the ending -etta, which was in vogue at the time, in the same way that parents today use endings like -leigh and -lyn.»

“You may have known Loretta, Rosetta, Annetta, Floretta, and many more,” she added. “Today this style of name is ultra rare. It shows that you don’t necessarily have to come up with a new name to be unique.»

Hilary Duff, Ireland Baldwin (Who is pregnant with her first child), Sailor Brinkley Cook and Melanie Griffith congratulated the new mom on Instagram.

Emma Heming Willis, who is married to Willis’s father, Bruce Willis, commented: «My God, we love her so much.»

In December 2022, the new parents declared their pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of Thomas kissing Willis’s pregnant belly.

Demi Moore shared the photo also, writing: «Entering my crazy and unhinged grandmother era.»

Little Louetta has a large, blended family, with Bruce Willis and Moore as grandparents (Rumer’s parents), aunts Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis (Rumer’s sisters), and Heming Willis, who is married to Bruce.

“We are a family of weirdos,” said Rumer Willis.People«Earlier this month, adding, “I love that so much. I really hope that is engendered in this child. That’s what I like the most, laughing with my family.»

Willis’s baby name is appropriately distinctive.

“I come from a family where my name is Rumer, and my sisters are Scout and Tallulah, so I knew I wanted something interesting and unique and different,” she told “People,” adding: “Luckily my partner was super down. . .”

Louetta may have been named on sight, as her mother suggested in the «People» interview.

“But there is also a part of me that I feel I have to see [the baby]. It’s such a weird feeling where you’re like, ‘I love this kid so much, this little person, but I don’t necessarily know them, so I have to see who they are and see if that fits.'»