Andrew Scott and Dakota Fanning – Pictures: Getty Images

Previously scheduled for release on Showtime, Ripley is headed to Netflix based on a Deadline report saying the limited series is in the final stages of moving to Netflix.

for him reportthe deal came after Showtime’s parent company pursued the project and opted not to proceed with the project given that Showtime is about to collapse on Paramount+. It’s one of several projects not moving forward on the cable network with others, including Three women and american gigolo.

While designed as a limited series, «there is the potential to go beyond the first installment if it’s a success,» according to the report.

The project has been in development for yearsfirst announced in September 2019. After being delayed multiple times (due to COVID-19 in some cases), filming finally began in July 2021 and wrapped up in early 2022. It was partially filmed in Italy and New York.

The 8-episode limited series is an adaptation of the best-selling novel series by Patricia Highsmith (The talented Mr. Ripley) with the plot following a con artist named Ripley, who lives in New York during the 1960s and is hired by a wealthy man to begin a complex life of deceit, fraud, and murder.

steven zillian (Moneyball, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is behind the project, both writing and directing.

andres scott (Fleabag, Black Mirror) leads the cast as Tom Ripley, Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, The First Lady) stars as Marge Sherwood, an American living in Italy who suspects Ripley has darker motives beneath her suave exterior, and Johnny Flynn (Emma) like Dickie Greenleaf.

Eliot Summer, Dan Meeteucci and Pasquale Esposito complete the cast.

Endemol Shine North America and Entertainment 360 are the two production companies behind the project.

We’ll produce a full preview once we get confirmation from Netflix that the project is headed their way.

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