WASHINGTON — Beleaguered Rep. George Santos refuses to face the music, but seems to be enjoying his moment in the spotlight.

New York Republican fabulist and fledgling, subject of federal, state, local and international investigations, was seen Wednesday night by NBC News smiling, laughing and taking dozens of selfies with customers during karaoke night at a popular DC barbecue restaurant.

“Many people ask me why I would want a selfie with George Santos, to which I reply: who *wouldn’t* want a photo with the lead singer of Queen, father of Texas BBQ, Purple Heart Iraq war hero and three-time Super Bowl champion? tweeted Natalie Johnson, a former GOP Hill staffer who took a selfie with Santos.

While he didn’t take the microphone and sing when an emcee called out his name, «George, you’re on deck!» – Santos was with a group of his employees, reporters, lobbyists and a former legislator and had the entire basement of Hill Country Barbecue buzzing, according to the people who were there.

The group, which included former Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder, tried to get him to sing karaoke, and he appeared to consider going onstage with the live band, but he ultimately declined, according to reports. Political Playbook and witnesses

His favorite song, Santos told his friends: «I Will Survive.»

“Everybody has to relieve stress in some way, and he has a lot to release,” said Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., who heard about Santos’ karaoke outing but was not present.

“Any outside observer can tell that this is someone who loves the attention he’s getting,” added Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas. «It’s strange».

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tennessee, whose office is down the hall from Santos’s, suggested that all that attention could benefit Santos. «Constant coverage could make him a martyr,» Burchett said.

George Anthony Devolder Santos has been running for weeks and dodging questions from the media. But his big night of karaoke in Washington was just the latest sign of how the serial tabloid has shifted his tack to deal with a pile of controversies piling up every day: If you can’t beat them, join them.

In addition to going to the city, Santos on Tuesday and Wednesday left Dunkin’ donuts and chicken sandwiches for the group of reporters and cameramen who have been diligently watching his office in Longworth House since his scandal broke.

And in recent groups, Santos has stopped by to train with reporters, even if he isn’t providing substantive answers to the many questions about his checkered past and campaign finances.

What happened to the $3,000 you raised through GoFundMe for a Navy veteran’s sick dog?

“All these questions will be answered,” Santos responded to a dozen reporters right next to the Chamber floor. «We’re going to have a good meeting with everyone, so it’s going to be great to address every issue.»

Have you been contacted by the House Ethics Committee?

“I haven’t,” Santos said.

Are you in contact with your legal team?

“With my legal teams? Do I have a legal team? I’m asking, right? Santos asked reporters with a smile. «You always know more than I do about myself.»

ryan nobles, kaitlyn francisco Y julie tsirkin contributed.