Rapper Meek Mill says he was pardoned by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on the 2008 drug and firearms charges for which he served prison time in 2017, according to a report. to post on his Instagram account.

The rapper, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, released a document that appears to be from the governor’s office and mentions charges that a «Robert R. Williams» was convicted of, including «carrying firearms on public streets or public property.» in Philadelphia.» «

Mill was born and raised in Philadelphia, and frequently mentions the city in his music, including in his song «Philadelphia Born and Raised.»

Another charge is listed in the document as «possession of» with the rest redacted from the image posted by the rapper.

«And whereas the Board of Pardons, after a full hearing, with due public notice and in open session, has recommended to me, in writing, with reasons therefor, the clemency of said Robert R. Williams whose recommendation and reasons have resided in the Lieutenant Governor’s office,» the document reads.

The rapper took to social media to share the news.

«Thank you all 🥲 I’m only going to do more for my community in God!» he wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

Gov. Tom Wolf’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but a Press release published Thursday announced that Wolf issued 369 pardons this week. This brings the total number of pardons Wolf has issued during his time as governor to 2,540, according to the news release.

“I have taken this process very seriously: I have carefully reviewed and analyzed each and every one of these 2,540 pardons and the lives they will affect,” Wolf said in a statement. He truly deserves a second chance from her, and it’s been an honor for me to give it to him.»

This pardon would mean that Meek Mill will receive a «full pardon from the state for a criminal conviction» regardless of having served any prison time, and «allows for expungement of related criminal records,» according to the press release.

In November 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced by Judge Genece Brinkley of the Court of Common Pleas to two to four years for a probation violation stemming from a 2008 conviction on drug and firearms charges.

The hip-hop star was released from prison in April 2018 after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court granted his bail request.

His high-profile case has become a focal point for critics, including the rapper himself, who is calling for criminal justice reform.

Meek Mill talked a lot about the US prison system and how it treats people of color.

In an interview with Lester Holt for NBC’s «Dateline» special «Dreams and Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story» in 2018, the rapper opened up about his legal troubles.

“I had eight years of probation that turned into 16 years of probation,” Mill said. “Something’s off.”

Mill and his legal team fought for his release in court, with even Philadelphia prosecutors siding with him, saying his initial charges should be thrown out due to alleged corruption involving the arresting officer.

the hashtag #FreeMeekMill was trending on social media during the trial.

“If I think about how much the world has changed as a result of the Me Too movement, I think Meek Mill will be on criminal justice reform, you know, in many ways what happened with the Me Too movement,” Michael Rubin. , the businessman and co-owner of the Sixers and a friend of Mill’s, told «Dateline» at the time.

denis romero Y erik ortiz contributed.