MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Heavy rains and flooding that devastated parts of the Philippines over Christmas weekend have left at least 32 dead and 24 missing, the national disaster response agency said Thursday.

More than 56,000 people remained in emergency shelters after bad weather disrupted Christmas celebrations in the eastern, central and southern Philippines.

Footage from the southern province of Misamis Occidental showed rescuers carrying an elderly woman on a plastic chair as they walked through a flooded street. Some residents of the province were seen clinging to floats as coast guard rescuers pulled them through the floodwaters on a chest-high rope.

Coast guard personnel carry an elderly woman wading through flood waters in Plaridel, Philippines, on Monday. Philippine Coast Guard via AP

Eighteen of the 32 deaths were reported in the northern Mindanao region, while 22 of the 24 missing were from the eastern Visayas in the central Philippines and the eastern Bicol region, the National Risk Reduction and Management Council said. Disasters.

Most of the deaths were due to drowning, while the missing included fishermen whose boats capsized, the agency said.

More than 4,000 houses were damaged by the flooding along with roads and bridges, and some areas were left without power or water, the agency reported.

A cutoff line, the point where warm and cold air meet, brought rain to parts of the country, the state weather office said. It forecast light to heavy rain over the next 24 hours for some of the same areas affected by the flooding.