French police are investigating this Sunday an attack committed during the night against the House of the mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses (a town south of Paris), Vincent Jeanbrun, and his family, using a car as a battering ram against their home.

As Jeanbrun himself explained in a statement, The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. while he was in the office working, «as it had been three nights» as a result of the wave of riots that crossed France.

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The attackers used a car to force their way into the residence, where the man’s wife and two children were foundand then they set a fire to try and burn down the house.

While trying to escape and protect yourself from criminals, the woman and one of the children were injured, communicated Jeanbrun.

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Demonstrations in France.



«I have no words strong enough to describe my shock at the horror of tonight. But the only way to make the unacceptable acceptable is for it not to be at all.«said the mayor, after assuring that his determination to serve the Republic is greater than ever.

After the news broke, numerous political personalities sent messages of support for Jeanbrun, such as the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

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This attack, which the police are investigating as an assassination attempt, took place in the context of the riots that France has been experiencing since last Tuesday and that have become attacks on public buildings of all kinds, from libraries to town halls, burned cars and looted shops.

Demonstrations in France.

People arrested during the Paris protests

during last night, at least 719 people were arrested, 45 police officers were injured and there were 871 fires on public roads and damage to 74 buildings, according to the latest official data available.

Despite the still bulky figures, the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that tonight was «quieter» than the previous ones.

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The trigger for this wave of altercations was the death of a 17-year-old young man of Arab descent named Nahelwho was fatally shot by a police officer while fleeing a police checkpoint in Nanterre.

The images of the incident, recorded by witnesses, sparked strong indignation in the country, which degenerated into riots, especially in the popular neighborhoods of large cities and in the metropolitan area of ​​Paris.


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