On Monday afternoon, protesters chanted «No to amnesty!» at the University of Sao Paulo law school, demanding that the instigators of the riots be brought to justice, according to the Associated Press. It soon became the rallying cry of thousands of people in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, visible on billboards and banners.

“These people must be punished, the people who ordered it must be punished, those who gave money for it must be punished,” Bety Amin, a 61-year-old therapist with the word “DEMOCRACY” stretched across her back. of her T-shirt, she told the news agency on Sao Paulo’s main boulevard.

“They do not represent Brazil. We represent Brazil,” she said.

Many have drawn parallels between Sunday’s attack and the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump. Some are also focusing on the longstanding relationship between Bolsonaro, his family and Trump, as well as some of his former strategists.

Biden, who is facing mounting pressure from several Democratic lawmakers to expel Bolsonaro from the country, spoke to Lula in a phone call on Monday. He affirmed Lula’s victory and expressed his «unwavering support» for Brazil’s democracy, according to a joint statement released by the White House on Monday night.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters earlier in the day that the United States had not received any official request from the Brazilian government regarding the removal of Bolsonaro, who is believed to have traveled to Florida days earlier. after his term expired.

Asked if Bolsonaro entered the US on an A-1 visa, intended for foreign diplomats or heads of state, State Department spokesman Ned Price declined Monday to comment specifically on the status of Bolsonaro, but he said that this type of visa expires if the person who uses it has a change of position.

The individual would have to apply for a change of status or leave the country, he said.

Doha Madani, zoe richards, Carmen Sesin, Isabela Espadas Barros Leal Y Associated Press contributed.