He property tax it came back to the taxpayers’ house this 2023 and the deadline to pay it with a 10% discount is getting closer, Well, this is the next June 14.

The predial maturities will be the next May 12 with the descendanteitherand the July 14 with full rate.

(Forgiveness and relief, what was approved by the PND for Icetex).

He payment for property taxes for this 2023 It can be done and the deadline to make the payment under this modality by means of a declaration on May 26. The expirations for this option are as follows:

First installment: June 9.

Second installment:
August 4th

Third installment: October 6

Fourth installment: December 1

(According to the Ministry of Finance, the interest rate hike cycle has ended.)

With the CHIP and the ID or the NEITHERyou without the verification digitthere is the possibility of downloading and paying, virtually, the predial invoice.

(Inflation: Food fell for the first time since June 2021.)

The taxpayer can make his payment online, either directly on the website of the Secretary of Habitat or through the banking portals authorized by the district, using the reference number of the invoice.

To make the payment in person, it is necessary to print the invoice in laser and pay it in the banks or authorized banking correspondents.

(‘Until now we had governed with Duque’s plan’, Petro).

The Bogotá tax director made the invitation to make the voluntary contribution: “During 2022, 14,185 taxpayers made this contribution, which corresponds to 648 million pesos. These resources have made it possible to serve 2,411 poor and vulnerable households in the city, with the Guaranteed Minimum Income program”.