Allies of President Joe Biden and his son, along with some outside groups, have raised the possibility of a legal defense fund to support Hunter Biden and others in their response to Republican-led congressional investigations, according to three people involved. in discussions.

The potential legal effort, first reported Tuesday per The Washington Post, could total more than $10 million, these people told NBC News.

Discussions are in the preliminary stage and, thus far, Hunter Biden’s legal advisers have not been planning the possible creation of a defense fund to help him pay for representation in the face of GOP investigations that they view as openly and unfounded. policies.

There have been ongoing discussions within Hunter Biden’s circle of advisers about how to respond to the Republican investigations and the accompanying GOP attacks, several people with knowledge of the discussions said.

Until recently, the strategy was to exercise caution and restraint, preparing for further moves quietly until the federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, which has been conducted in Delaware, has reached a conclusion on whether charges will be filed.

However, that approach may shift to a more proactive legal strategy in the coming months, the people familiar with the discussions said.

While Hunter Biden’s team has discussed a variety of options for responding to House Republicans in general, the plans have not been finalized, these people said.

Republicans allege that Hunter Biden has capitalized on his father’s political career and connections for profit. Republican lawmakers have criticized a number of Hunter Biden’s financial ventures, including his 2019 boarding of a Ukrainian natural gas company and his role as co-founder of an investment firm that helped a Chinese company buy a Congolese cobalt mine from a US company in 2016.

Biden has said the federal investigation will show that I «handled my affairs lawfully and properly.»

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the new chairman of the Oversight Committee, accused the president of «influence peddling» and quickly dove into the investigation Hunter Biden and other Biden family members and associates.

Comer last week sent letters to Hunter Biden’s art dealer Georges Bergès requesting gallery documents and requesting that Bergès appear for an interview with the committee in February.

Hunter Biden bolstered his legal team last month by adding Abbe Lowell of the firm Winston and Strawn to oversee the coordination of his response to congressional investigations and advise on other legal matters and strategies.